Tidelli Unveils Organika Collection at a Sophisticated and Exclusive Event in São Paulo

In the vibrant scene of design and architecture, an event stood out last week, shaking up the elegant Tidelli store in São Paulo. The brand, known for consistently surprising with innovations aligned with global trends, hosted a select group of guests on Avenida Pedroso de Moraes to unveil the Organika Collection.

In an atmosphere of enthusiasm and anticipation, the eclectic group consisting of architects, designers, clients, and prominent personalities was welcomed by the brand's founder, Tatiana Mandelli, and the company's president, Luciano Mandelli.


During the event, an inspiring lecture was also delivered by Ricardo Gaioso, who came from Milan specifically for the occasion. With a presentation titled "Macrotrends, Media, and Market," he shared fascinating insights into global design trends and how they connect with the current market.

Amidst cocktails and lively conversations, the president presented the new releases. An iconic figure in the industry, in addition to leading the company, Luciano Mandelli played a vital role in this creation, signing six out of the seven lines.


The star of the night, the Organika Collection pays tribute to nature and its fluid forms. Comprising the Drop, Shell, Sahara, Split, Round, Caraíva, and Amazon lines, its pieces convey the organic and lush beauty of the natural world.

During the event, founder Tatiana Mandelli highlighted Tidelli's commitment to important causes. In addition to leading the Tidelli Institute, she was responsible for the design of the Amazon line, consisting of a stunning composition of center tables in various sizes that reflect the richness of Amazonian biodiversity.


The innovations don't stop there. The new collection features pieces that incorporate nautical rope ribbons, providing unparalleled comfort and ergonomics; innovative fabrics with cozy textures, such as bouclé; the boldness of using wood in its rawest and least processed form, as evidenced in the Caraíva line, among others.

The stunning Organika Collection is now available for viewing in the Tidelli showroom on Avenida Pedroso de Moraes and also on the brand's website www.tideli.com