More than 5000 projects implemented in partnership
with leading builders and developers in Brazil.

Through partnerships, Tidelli offers unique and original collections, recognized by numerous awards and clients.

A leading manufacturer of In & Out furniture with unique products that confer elegance and luxury to any room. Twenty five years ago Tidelli has brought comfort to the corporate segment. Mounting tailored, environmentally responsible, concerned about preserving the environment and using recyclable materials such as aluminum and plastic. Quality and beauty, present in the best hotels, resorts and other enterprises.

Construction companies

Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvão &, Camargo Correa, Even empreendimentos Real Estate, Brookfield, Cyrella, Tecnisa, Brascon, Barcino Esteve, Construtora Celi, HGM construction company, Mota Machado, Moura Dubeux, Costa Andrade, OAS, Helbor.


Condominium Resort Le Parc (BA), House Valle Loire (BA), Sheraton Hotel Bahia (BA), Starbucks Coffee (BR), Hotel Ponta Verde (AL), Inn Camurim Grande (PE), Nannai Beach Resort ( PE), condominium Nannai Residence (PE), Enotel (PE), Sehrs (RN), Village Porto de Galinhas (PE), Gungaporanga Hotel (AL), Hotel Granada (RJ), Hotel Horseshoe Resort (RJ), Hotel Sofitel Jequitimar (SP), Windsor Hotel (RJ), Marriot Hotels and Resorts (SP), Hebraica Club (SP), Yacht Club of Bahia (BA), Caiçaras Club (RJ), Clube Pinheiros (SP), High Club de Pinheiros (SP ), The Academy! Body Tech (BR) Shopping Salvador (BA), Villa D’Spazzio Lacqua (SP), Restaurant Ilha dos Navegantes (PE).

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