From Earth to Design, Tidelli's Organika Collection

Nature and man intertwine, and the new Tidelli catalog reflects this connection.

The campaign is signed by the award-winning artist and photographer Christian Cravo, celebrating the fusion between tradition and contemporaneity. By proposing a conversation between the home and furniture, it explores the richness and poetics that reside in the preservation of the history of the Brazilian house, with its cultural influences and architecture. Tidelli revisits spaces of large farmhouses in Bahia, translating a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic full of new meanings for the 21st-century home.

Through the images, discover the charm of Fazenda Engenho D'água, a relic from the 17th century, listed by Condephaat (Council for the Defense of Historical, Archaeological, Artistic and Touristic Heritage) in 1945 and became Fazenda Engenho D'Água Municipal Park in 2015. The site covers an area of 43.5 thousand m² and portrays the past and history of our country. It was one of the important locations for sugar production.


Fazenda Gurgainha in the Bahian Reconcavo reminds us of aspects of colonial Brazil, of customs from the past, and of the traditional regional culture amidst islands and mangroves, the coastline, and the Atlantic Forest.

Environments populated by the Organika Collection, Tidelli's latest releases, inspired by the various biomes of Brazil and the world through pieces rich in texture, color, and shapes. From the sinuous lines of pieces reminiscent of rivers to earthy textures inspired by desert landscapes, elements that mimic the forest, to the symbolic shape of a water droplet, every aspect of this collection resonates with the most beautiful landscapes in the world. A collection and a campaign that transcends the physical and transforms into art.

From deep Brazil to the world. In these 35 years, Tidelli is proud to be a global company, increasingly valuing local craftsmanship.

About Christian Cravo

Born in 1974, to a Danish mother and a Brazilian father, Christian Cravo was raised in an artistic environment in the city of Salvador, Bahia. He began his experiences with photographic technique at the age of eleven while living in Denmark, where he spent all his adolescence.

Back in Brazil at the age of twenty-two, he delved into photography. In his resume, he has exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, Throckmorton Fine Art in New York, Billedhusets Galeri in Copenhagen, Instituto Tomie Ohtake and Museu Afro Brasil, Witkin Gallery in New York, S.F. Camera Works Gallery in California, at the Fotofest biennial in Houston, and at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

He has received awards from the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia and the Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography. In 2016, he was awarded by APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics) for the best photographic exhibition of 2015, among other nominations. He is also the author of books published in Brazil and abroad.

Organika Collection

Discover the pieces of the Organika Collection right now, explore each of the seven lines that make up this collection: Amazônia, Caraíva, Drop, Sahara, Shell, Split, and Round.

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