Social Responsibility

The integration of Tidelli to the community of Moradas da Lagoa,
Salvador, solidifies our thinking that together we achieve more.

Inclusion is the best way to unite people, and our 300+ employees are the proof.

At Tidelli, product thinking is a passionate, emotional process. Color and people are the key ingredients, simply because life can not be only White and Beige. The result is a wide collection of over 200 handmade products , in infinite color combinations. Product portfolio includes a variety of chairs, sofas, sun loungers, day beds, dining tables, stools and much more. All made with materials to withstand outdoor conditions such as aluminum, ceramics, teak wood, nautical ropes and special acrylic fabrics.

After 25 years creating and transforming the outdoor furniture industry in Brazil, Tidelli will open its first flagship store and distribution center in California with a dual focus on residential and hospitality business.

Starting as young Brazilian entrepreneurs, they have spent decades devoting in constant research and product development. The design-focused organization they have created makes it possible to continuously construct beautiful and innovative products. Beyond the internal design team, Tidelli works to create special collections with some of the best independent Brazilian designers including Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, Manuel Bandeira, Maria Cândida Machado.

Since 1989, Tidelli has continually expanded its market in Brazil with 12 flagships stores. As of today, the company has 24 showrooms in Brazil and more than 3,000 hospitality projects installed.

Based in Bahia, a northeastern state in Brazil, Tidelli employs over 300 people. Its manufacturing facility was constructed in an underdeveloped community with a focus on socially sustainable business practices including continued job and growth opportunities for the local residents.

Social Responsibility

Believing in a country that can work. An isolated community of their metropolis, in which good ideas, hard work and dedication draw new futures. That has been the history of Tidelli among the population of Moradas da Lagoa, suburb of Salvador-Bahia. With a team of nearly 300 employees and local residents, the integration of this community is the winning bet on a Brazil that can work, with the assurance that inclusion is a compromise and victory for everyone.