How to choose the perfect seat for your kitchen? Tidelli gives you 5 tips!

Choosing the ideal seat for your kitchen is not as simple as it seems, right? The quest for the perfect seat is a journey full of ups and downs, driven by the desire to transform the kitchen into a super cozy corner or even by the memory of that little backache after a long meal…

If you still don't know which seat to choose or need a little help to change the seats in your kitchen, don't skip the 5 tips below:

1) Find your style!

Choosing the ideal seat is a chance to express who you are. Look for the style that best reflects your personality and lifestyle! Are you someone who loves a more classic and minimalist style or leans towards more modern and sophisticated models? Whatever your style, at Tidelli, you will find the variety you need to find the one that suits you best.


2) Comfort is the key word

Nothing ruins a meal as much as an uncomfortable seat. That's why comfort should be your keyword in the search for the perfect seat. At Tidelli, we prioritize comfort as much as style! Our seats are ergonomically designed so that you can enjoy every moment in your kitchen with your loved ones!

3) Versatility: a smart choice

Chairs, stools, armchairs, and benches are very versatile pieces that should meet all your seating needs in the kitchen. Evaluate the available space, frequency of use, and activities carried out in your area and make a smart choice adapted to your lifestyle!


4) A Seat made by you and for you!

There's nothing better than choosing the material, color, measurements, and details that will make your seat truly yours! At Tidelli, we understand that you want something unique, which is why we offer multiple customization options, perfectly matching the style of your kitchen.

5) Guaranteed Durability!

Last but not least, prioritize quality and durability when choosing your seats. With Tidelli, have peace of mind knowing that you are investing in pieces made to last a lifetime, maintaining their beauty and functionality for many years.

Find your seat right now!

Click here to browse our catalogs and find the seat you are looking for for your kitchen! Use your creativity and personalize as much as you like. Remember: if it's not fun, it's not sustainable!

Photos: Tarso Figueira, Andre Alf, Monika do Carmo Missagia, Marcella Bacellar, Daniel Santo, Gui Gomes, André Nazareth, C. Paulino and Marcio Antonio