Tidelli expands operations and opens in Dubai

100% Brazilian brand takes the best of national design to the world

Continuing the internationalization process, Tidelli expands its operations abroad to the Middle East. Recently, the brand opened a 35,000 ft² showroom at the Grassitup store, located on Dubai's most famous avenue, Sheikh Zayed Road, in the Burj Khalifa region.

According to the company's Director of International Relations, Roberta Mandelli, $1 million was initially invested to form the Tidelli Space. In the space, the brand's sophisticated and modern furniture is on display, which have already become objects of desire in different parts of the world.

For more than three decades creating furniture for outdoor areas, Tidelli values ​​the national product and the talent of the Brazilian people, who bring unique creativity in their roots and in the miscegenation of races, present in a remarkable way in each piece through the “handmade”.

Check out the interview with the CEO of the Dubai store, Maher Wali.

1. For how long have you been working with furniture?
I started Grassitup in 2013 for the love of the outdoor living lifestyle. 

2. What caught your attention in Tidelli’s furniture?
The vibrant colors, the beautiful design, the high quality of the craftsmanship, and also the pleasant experience when dealing with Tidelli’s team.


3.Why have you decided to invest in the brand and bring it to the Middle East?
No other brand has the variety of color selection as Tidelli has and also that most of the products are handmade and made in-house like the rope. Grassitup is known for always having unique different products than any other outdoor furniture company in the Middle East and Tidelli can easily deliver on that. 

4. Regarding the products, what do you think will get the attention of the Middle East consumer?
Every item in Tidelli's collection is different and beautifully made. The Middle East is hungry for this kind of outdoor furniture, it is a winning formula with Tidelli for sure

5. For the future, what are your plans for the brand?
The plan is to expand beyond UAE and make the brands' partnerships stronger and make both, Tidelli and Grassitup, the go-to names when one is considering to furnish their garden.