Tidelli, 35 Years of History - Chapter 1: The Birth of a Brand

The year 2024 marks an important chapter in Tidelli's journey! It's been 35 years since a trajectory that began in 1989: bringing together people with exclusive design, the unique skill of handmade craftsmanship, and a deep passion for outdoor life. And to celebrate this special milestone, we'll be sharing some of our history in the upcoming posts on our blog. Stay tuned so you don't miss any updates!


The Founder

Tidelli's story begins with the vision and determination of its founder, Tatiana Mandelli. Working alongside her mother, who was a landscaper and already had a decoration store, Tatiana accumulated the experience that would shape Tidelli's future.

The Opportunity

The 1980s were a period of great transformations in Brazil and worldwide. In Brazil, due to economic challenges such as high inflation, low economic growth, and policies that made importing difficult, the options available in the national market for outdoor areas were few, with predominance of iron or concrete furniture, with less emphasis on design and comfort. Observing this gap in the Brazilian market, Tatiana began her research to bring options that combined comfort, durability, and innovative design to outdoor areas.

The Inspiration

The turning point came during a trip to the United States, where Tatiana visited a factory specializing in aluminum furniture. This material, already popular in the American market since the modernist era of the 1950s, inspired Tatiana to think about setting up a Brazilian factory specializing in this type of furniture.



It was in 1989 that instead of investing the money reserved for studies abroad, she founded Tidelli's first factory in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. The brand, a fusion of the nickname Tati with the surname Mandelli, was born there, small but already with a vision for the future. The beginning was marked by effort and learning, culminating in the success of a large order already in the first year of the company, driving new collections in the following years.

Love for Outdoor Living

From the beginning, Tidelli has always focused on creating resistant and durable furniture, but also elegant and comfortable. Transforming the way people experience outdoor spaces, enjoying the sun, the blue sky, the breeze. So that you could have the best moments and the best memories.