Immerse yourself in the beauty of Belém: Outdoor Experience by Tidelli

Belém, the capital of Pará, enchants visitors with its rich cultural heritage, lush Amazonian nature, and historical landmarks. During the rubber boom, the city experienced a period of prosperity, maintaining its allure to this day.

In addition to its history and nature, Belém is also known for its unique climate. As the rainiest capital in Brazil, the city undergoes remarkable weather variations. As they say there... it either rains all day or it rains every day! But there's always room for the sun. This climatic characteristic influences not only the residents' way of life but also their construction methods and even furniture choices.

Tidelli has established its presence in Belém by offering durable, elegant, and versatile products that meet the demands of the tropical climate. The trust and satisfaction of customers are evident, making Tidelli a reliable choice and a benchmark for quality in the city.

Our furniture's success has resulted in an unparalleled collaboration. Introducing Quadra Garden by Tidelli, our first joint endeavor with the renowned Quadra Engenharia construction firm. Tidelli furniture will be featured in all communal spaces of the condominium, giving unsurpassed comfort, style, and quality. Furthermore, Quadra Garden combines sustainability into every aspect, including projects such as rainwater reuse, solar energy, electric car charging infrastructure, and individual gardens in each residence. Watch the video and immerse yourself in this amazing experience that mixes modern design, natural harmony, and ecological solutions.

Environmental concern is a fundamental value in this partnership, as emphasized by Leopoldo Couceiro, director of Quadra Engenharia: "Our environmental concern is an obligation. We are in the heart of the Amazon, and this is not just a desire, it is an obligation for us."


Another notable project by Quadra Engenharia is Edifício Lumini. Located in a privileged area of Belém, this luxury development offers exclusive apartments on each floor. We visited one of the most exquisite apartments in Edifício Lumini, which combines rustic and natural elements with full automation. The balcony decor, resembling a spa, is designed by interior designer Fátima Rego and features iconic Tidelli pieces such as the Pão de Açucar armchair, Painho chair, and Kauai shell.

Discover the uniqueness of Belém, a city filled with flavors and peculiarities. Explore the largest iron market in Latin America, offering an incredible variety of options, from herbs and nuts to diverse regional products like Tucupi, Maniçoba, Bacuri, and Uxi. Its own language and unforgettable gastronomic experiences await you.

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