Casa Cor SP 2021 - KalilFerre Paisagismo

Tidelli is present at the heart of Casa Cor SP 21

Located in the heart of Casa Cor SP 21, the “Meu Verde Particular” space makes a special invitation to visitors to the exhibition: take a break from the tour and integrate with nature, in a moment of rest and relaxation.Designed by landscapers Elaine Kalil and Mauricio Ferre, from KalilFerre Paisagismo, in partnership with Tidelli's Director of Style, Érika Santos, the harmonious combination of trends such as design, textures, colors, shapes and styles is the highlight of the spacious and comfortable environment of 170 m² (263500.27 in²).

Allied to all this, the tropical foliage, a KalilFerre trademark, provide rhythm and shadows to the space. “One of the main objectives of the office when developing the project was to bring nature closer to people”, explain the professionals.

According to Elaine Kalil and Mauricio Ferre, the concept explored in the exhibition is intended to “plant” in people the idea that, regardless of the available physical space – a house, an apartment or a corporate environment – ​​it is possible to cultivate green through the form of planting and soil quality. “Whether natural or transformed, from species and adequate drainage, the environment can always receive nature. Being close to it brings us countless benefits that we have been losing as we move away from it”, they assess.

And that's what they did at Casa Cor SP. As a leisure square, professionals created green spaces set up with different vases and planters. “The natural exuberance brings life and warmth to “My Particular Green”, say the landscapers.

In a harmonious union with the landscaping, Kalil, Ferre and Santos opted for furniture in the colors Oliva, Mustard and Green Ocean. “The shades were chosen as a point of light. This is a garden inside an enclosed space we wanted a vibrant color to contrast and highlight the green of the species and the gray of the floor and wall coverings”, they explain.

In the setting, one of the brand's renowned products, the Painho swings, designed by Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, appear lined up side by side. Without requiring a fixed point, several Obsession ottomans were placed around the room, giving freedom to whoever wants to use them. The recently launched Veracruz rope chair, by international designer Sami Hayek, is composed with a Pyramid dining table with granite top and hexagonal ombrelones. “Each piece of furniture has a special detail and, together, they make a charming and cozy invitation to rest”, highlight the landscapers.

For Elaine Kalil and Maurício Ferre, Tidelli has the ability to unite the beauty and lightness of design, in the development of extremely comfortable products – which is one of its great differentials. “This was fundamental when we chose the furniture. This perfect union attracts the eye and enchants for the total and spontaneous integration that takes place between the brand and the landscaping”, they conclude.

The largest and most recognized exhibition in the architecture, decoration, design and landscaping segment in America, Casa Cor SP takes place until November 15, at Parque Mirante, annexed to Allianz Parque, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Photography: Evelyn Muller