In the heart of Salvador, Bahia, the city pulses to the rhythm of music and culture. Amidst this vibrant scene, one figure stands out as a sensitive maestro not only in the world of music but also in the decoration of his haven in the city. Carlinhos Brown, renowned percussionist, orchestrated a harmonious fusion of art, music, and design that resonates with the spirit of the landscape, with the Yemanjá Basin as a witness.


In the rhythm of design:

Carlinhos Brown's passion for design and decoration is an extension of his love for the intricate rhythms that define Bahian music. In his creations, he composes with colors, shapes, and materials, much like he composes with musical notes. His home exhibits the same creativity and harmony that define his performances. Brown chose Tidelli to build the ideal atmosphere and host the most special gatherings.

In Brown's home, the outdoor space is generous, an inspirational setting, a corner to play his guitar in harmony with the neutral tones of Tidelli furniture. The palette is guided by the importance of the element of surprise but without competing with the surrounding nature. For the musician, design brings hope for the next day, the continuity of affection, the relationship from one to another to establish calm and peace.


Nautical ropes blend, giving a special charm both to the decoration and the comfort of the spaces fully integrated with the Tidelli project.

In the pool area, the Giardino sunbeds and a floating tray in a bluish tone harmonize with the sea around the house. As an extension, the lounge features the iconic Painho Tidelli armchairs, designed by Marcelo Rosenbaum in partnership with the Studio Fetiche Design. The Marina coffee table with Goa umbrella and the swings from the Kauai line create a connection with the pergola, a more relaxing environment to enjoy the sea breeze. Here, upholstered pieces were used to compose a masonry bench that was already part of the house. Flex Module and Pucon Backrests, and a mixed composition with Organika coffee tables, Soft poufs, Garden Marina, and Spool side table.

In the gourmet area, nude tones of the Quéchua Chairs, Spool Table with a stone top and a nautical rope base, and Moorea Sideboard create sophistication for a destination full of harmony to welcome family and guests.

The Kauai line stools complement the burnt cement counter along with the Tidelli accessories line, such as the Imperial Bowl, round tray, and baskets.


Social Vision:

It was in a moment of great inspiration that Brown created Pracatum almost thirty years ago. Social issues have been a part of the musician's life from an early age, and the project arose from Brown's desire to provide opportunities and conditions for the youth of Candeal, the neighborhood where the artist was born.

Pracatum is a non-profit school where children enter in search of solving their curiosities and leave with new curiosities. Sustained by a triad - culture, social development, and education, everything is interconnected to generate an improvement in the quality of life and transform the reality of young people through the artistic and musical lens.

Long live Brown, long live Bahia!

Photos: Tarso Figueira and Marcio Antonio