Amidst the urban pulse lies a hidden gem where the rhythmic soul of Tato, the charismatic leader of Falamansa, finds his refuge.

We had the privilege of entering this world of inspiration, where Tato showcased not only the transformation of his outdoor space but also
the profound connection between his music and the aesthetics that surround him.

The outdoor area, the family's favorite environment, drew inspiration from the beach, the solar energy filled with colors. The project, created by the J + J Architects office with the help of Tidelli, expanded the connections to living with nature. The garden, much like the music of Falamansa, is a testament to the beauty that arises when different elements come together in perfect harmony. A beachy atmosphere in open spaces connected around the pool and tropical vegetation.


The pool with extended edges like the sea welcomes a floating cushion, side parasol, Conical Table Set with Bali Chairs, a hammock with support, armchairs, and Puff Pão de Açúcar, Amazon Side Tables, Malibu Sunbeds in earthy tones. Another environment features Reclining Chairs Caraíva and Armchairs and Puffs Pão de Açúcar with a sand floor, a lake, and welcoming rocky formations, recreating a coastal atmosphere. Integrated into this landscape, there is also a rustic deck with Caraíva Armchair, Spool Bench, and lamps, all furniture signed by Tidelli. For Tato, the furniture in organic lines is like a work of art in perfect harmony with the natural world.


Like the music of Falamansa, the residence is a celebration of life, family, and the joy of living collectively. Tato celebrates 25 years of career with his wife and 4 children, many fish, chickens, dogs, and a very special corner.

Committed to bringing good to people with his songs,
Tato loves to receive and cook for family and guests, for him, a form of care and gratitude. For this, the architectural project connected the gourmet area, kitchen, dining, and living room with great comfort to enable these encounters where Tato runs the kitchen, another passion of the musician. In decoration, Bali Stools, Mykonos Chairs, Fusion Sofa, Marina Armchairs, a mix of coffee tables, and Marina Puffs.


Between the music studio, where Tato works, and the outdoor area, there are a few steps. Being at home is a moment of inspiration and rest. The residence is not just a place to live; it is a living testament to the power of design, culture, and the art of creating balance in all aspects of life.

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Photos: Marcio Antonio