Tidelli gains prominence in projects for vessels

Specialist in outdoor living furniture, Tidelli has increasingly expanded its operations when it comes to decoration. The brand, which has been present in residential and corporate projects for many years, has been standing out in another segment.

Versatile and produced with high-quality raw materials – which results in high resistance to the weather – its furniture is also perfect for setting up vessels, such as boats and yachts. “One of our great differentials is durability. Which is very important, since the furniture is exposed to frequent climate changes, with lots of sun, rain, and wind”, highlights Daniele Pesavento, Tidelli storekeeper in Balneário Camboriú and Joinville.

The businesswoman emphasizes that when she is asked to develop projects for this segment, she always receives a common request: comfort. “People want aesthetically beautiful environments, with furniture that has design, but is also very cozy, where they can relax and enjoy the ride”, she informs.

Pesavento says that when it comes to colors, most opt ​​for neutral tones, such as beige and gray. “Blue and green are also colors with a strong trend in the nautical world, as they refer to the sea and nature”, she says, and adds: “Currently, the brand's mix has more than 70 fabric options, all suitable for outdoor areas, in solid, patterned, plain or textured”.

Among Tidelli's favorite parts for boats, she points out the most compact ones, which don't take up so much space but have functionality. “The Kauai chaise is one of the favorites when it comes to yacht decor,” she says.


Daniele Pesavento emphasizes that there is no single style, which is why Tidelli is one of the most sought-after brands for this type of project. “We have a wide variety of products, colors, fabrics, and more than 65 solid colors of nautical ropes for coverings. They can be used individually or mixed together, creating unique shades, which makes Tidelli able to bring unique projects to life,” she explains.

The nautical designer Naiara Bogo, from the NB Nautic Design office, highlights that this is one of the brand's great differentials. “When I work with Tidelli, I have the opportunity to choose the color of the metals, the prints, the strings, and even mix, making it practical to customize”, she reveals.

The professional says that of every ten projects for boats she designs, eight are with Tidelli. “The furniture has a modern design, is beautiful, and is 100% produced in Brazil. I like to prioritize that.”

When choosing furniture, Naiara Bogo opts for pieces that are heavier, with bases and straighter shapes. “This generates more security because there is always the movement of navigation”, she points out and adds: “Regarding colors, I prefer the lighter ones, because they don't get so hot when they are in the sun. I also like to work with the same palette used inside the vessel, focusing on the client's personality”.

Among the furniture that frequently appears in his projects are Kauai chairs and Kauai chaises, functional pieces such as a multipurpose bench that can become a cooler and even a side table, in addition, to decorative items, such as baskets and table accessories with nautical rope covering, as they are highly durable. The rugs, on the other hand, help to protect and not let the teak, which is the natural wood used in the flooring of boats, get too hot.

The architect also highlights that another key point for choosing Tidelli is the service she receives throughout the process. "It's very good. I know that my customers will have support in whatever they need, even after the purchase, and that makes all the difference, as it gives me the confidence to recommend”, she concludes.

Photos: Diego Suffredini