On this balcony, Tidelli's style comes to life in a space designed to promote moments of relaxation with family and close friends.

A balcony is an invitation to resting and well-being. It's common sense among experts that this is a place that requires lightness, warmth, and great furniture, with ergometry to provide comfort and quality to withstand climate change.
Aligned to these requirements, Tidelli — a specialist brand in outdoor furniture — presents the versatility of its design at Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro in the "Lunch Room with Balcony" signed by Chicô Gouvêa.

By using green and blue furniture, Chicô Gouvêa created such a cool project. "I want the show visitors to feel the space's upbeat atmosphere. Let them feel this vibe as they enter the room.", says.


On this Tidelli balcony, residents can have small meals, have drinks on a sunny day or just enjoy a good book. "This space invites you to stay put, and the furniture calls for a well living.", explains the architect, who adds: "Essentially, this is a place for relaxation by the garden".


Every piece of this unique space delivers personality. The pillows' prints are designed exclusively by Chicô Gouvêa for the show. The crockery came from Portugal, and the flowers were picked as a homage to Rio de Janeiro's Botanical Garden. The architect chose a Bora Bora dining table, Mesh chairs, side ombrelone, Escuna chaise, and Veleiro daybed — the design's highlight — to compose the room. "It has a different and modern design, and the tent on top gives it an extra charm. Looks perfect for dating".


After years of working with the brand, Chicô Gouvêa highlights Tidelli's distinctive features, such as quality, and variety of colors and design. "The furniture presents excellence, creativity, and good taste. I love working with colors, and the brand offers many options", lists the designer, who adds: "Tidelli has a high-quality line of products worldwide. Today, there's no garden furniture like Tidelli's.

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Chicô Gouvêa Architecture

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