6307 - Amado Chair

All Tidelli products are tailor-made to order and can be customized in infinity ways. ATTENTION: Simulation is merely illustrative. Colours and finishes may vary compared to real products.

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Inspired by the regionalism and everyday life of northeast Brazil, designer Alfio Lisi signs the Amado line for Tidelli. In the modernist style of the 60s, the Amado Chair can be customized with the best outdoor material, the nautical rope. Simply put, a very poetic and Brazilian way of observing life.


Product 6307 - Chair
Product type Chair
Collection Amado


aluminum Colors
ropes Colors

Product Specs

6307 - Amado Chair

Tidelli’s Iconic Design


Diagram Image
19.75" 25.5" 33.5" - 18" 8.8 lbs
50 cm 65 cm 85 cm - 45 cm 4.0 kg

W - width D-depth H - height AH - arm height SH - seat height WGT - weight
Note: the measurements have a possible variation of more or less 0.5 inches (wiggle room)x

Technical Specifications

Outdoor usage

Frame Powder coated aluminum
Seat/Back Aluminum woven in polyester nautical rope
Stacking Not possible

available Colors

All Tidelli products are tailor-made to order and can be customized in infinity ways. ATTENTION: Simulation is merely illustrative. Colours and finishes may vary compared to real products.

aluminum Colors available
ropes Colors available

Shipping Info

Units/Box 01
Gross Weight 9,25 lbs / 4,2 kg
Box Dimensions 20.5"x26.25"x34.25"H / 52x67x87H cm
Volume 10,7 cbf / 0,30 m³
HTS 9401.80.20.11
Freight Class 400


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The invention of Tidelli’s nautical rope was a turning point. Replacing fiber with rope made Tidelli furniture more durable, comfortable, sustainable, and weather resistant. Nautical rope imitates nature with the look and feel of reed, while outlasting the effects of mother nature. Made with polyester thread imported from Holland, our nautical rope is braided by hand, does not absorb heat or liquids and allows for numerous wefts, thicknesses, densities and exclusive patterns. Tidelli nautical rope is made in-house to guarantee its 100% synthetic, high quality craftsmanship - which makes it so suitable for outdoor living. Over time, if exposed to direct sunlight, nautical rope may lose some of its luster - reducing the original hue. To best care for and clean your nautical rope, use a damp cloth in a solution of warm water and mild soap. Clean the rope and then rinse with another damp cloth with water only. Allow to air dry. If stains are deep or dirt persists, re-wet the rope with soap and water and rub. Rinse and let dry. Do not use water pressure cleaners or harsh chemicals (bleach, ammonia, etc.) that can affect the fibers that make up the rope. Never use solvents, removers, abrasive or alkaline (pH > 8) to clean the furniture. Please avoid using other chemical cleaning agents, high pressure cleaners, or abrasive cleaning products.

Aluminum offers infinite possibilities - infinite shapes and colors to literally shape and color your outdoor lifestyle. As a matter of fact, aluminum provides structure for more than 80% of Tidelli furniture. And with a monthly consumption of 15 tons, Tidelli is the largest aluminum processor in Bahia, Brazil. To keep the color and finish of your aluminum, apply automotive wax on the metallic structure every 90 days. Do not use scrub pads nor pressure cleaners to treat your Tidelli furniture. Plastic tips that isolate the furniture feet from the floor may suffer wear and tear depending on their use. Maintaining and replacing the protective feet (when necessary) will enhance the durability of your furniture.

Alfio Lisi


Alfio’s motto is to make life better, more comfortable and more joyful through design. Inspired by the traditional chairs found on any balcony throughout Brazil, Alfio resorted to Tidelli’s craftmanship and technology to create the Amado line.

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