Tidelli and Filipe Toledo together in a Wave of Solidarity


We joined forces with surfer Filipe Toledo in a solidarity campaign aimed at collecting used surfboards to be donated to the Namaskar project. The Namaskar project promotes social inclusion through surfing and other activities such as music, yoga, and ballet, offering free lessons for children and young people from the Sesmaria neighborhood in Ubatuba who live in difficult situations. By donating your surfboard, you are contributing to the project, making sure more people have access to this incredible sport and all the possibilities it offers. Filipe Toledo helps Project Namaskar since 2014 and he himself asks for your help:


Filipe Toledo, the current world surfing champion, was born in 1995 in Ubatuba, São Paulo. He started surfing at a very young age. He won the Junior World Surfing Championship at the tender age of 16. In 2018, he joined the elite of world surfing, and in 2022 he became the world champion. Filipe has been helping the NAMASKAR project since 2014 and believes that sports are the way to transform society. He is married to Ananda Marçal and together they have two children, Mahina and Koa.


The Namaskar Project was founded in 2005 and provides education through workshops and courses, with social, psychological, health care, and Family and Community Bond Strengthening services. Surfing is not the only form of social inclusion in Namaskar, and Filipe himself helped set up a sewing room to help mothers generate income. Namaskar offers various workshops, such as yoga, ballet, surfing, musical theater, guitar, drums, keyboard, saxophone, English, computer science, arts, soccer, sewing, "rhythmic rap," among others.

The headquarters are located in the Sesmaria neighborhood, which was chosen by its founders due to the large number of children on the streets. The neighborhood is one of the major suppliers of labor in the city of Ubatuba, but it does not offer daycare, full-time schools, sports facilities, or leisure areas.


Our Tidelli stores will act as collection points for used surfboards. All collected surfboards will be sent to Ubatuba, where Filipe Toledo's association will make the necessary repairs.

The refurbished surfboards will be delivered to the students at Namaskar, providing them with access to the sport and benefits for physical and mental health, as well as cultivating values such as teamwork and overcoming challenges. In addition, the action aims to encourage the donation of surfboards, contributing to the continuity of the project and the expansion of the number of beneficiaries.


Surfing is one of the sports that most values preservation and the respect for the environment. Our social action has the merit of supporting sports, education, and sustainability, promoting a better future for young people.