Tidelli, 35 Years of History - Chapter 2: The first line and partners

The year was 1990, and it was in São Paulo that the story of Tidelli began to take shape with an unexpected call. Tatiana Mandelli, with an entrepreneurial vision, contacted her sister Roberta: "Beta, I've set up a furniture factory, and you need to be my partner. We need to open the store in São Paulo." Surprised, Roberta asked for more details: "How many lines do you have?" Tatiana replied, "Two." With an agreement between sisters, the store would only open with four lines. And so, driven by the urgency to make Tidelli happen in the largest city in Brazil, each of the initial lines began to take shape. And by the end of that year, the first Tidelli store opened its doors in Cidade Jardim, São Paulo, marking the beginning of a successful journey.

Inspired by the lack of welcoming furniture for outdoor areas, the Mandelli sisters transformed Tidelli into a synonym for outdoor hospitality, a hallmark of the family. The initial lines included Huatulco, Playa Blanca, Nusa Dua, and Kintamani. The iconic Nusa Dua, still present in our production line today, reflects the company's vision to create timeless and sophisticated furniture that lasts a lifetime.

The opening of the Tidelli store in São Paulo was not just a milestone, but a springboard for the brand. This bold first step, under the pressure to rapidly expand its catalog, opened doors. By establishing Tidelli's presence in the trendsetting capital of São Paulo, the brand not only captured the attention of a wider audience but also solidified lasting partnerships. These early partners became an integral part of the Tidelli family, contributing to its history and success.