Social Responsability

The integration of Tidelli to the community of Moradas da Lagoa,
Salvador, solidifies our thinking that together we achieve more.

Crafted by People, for People: The Beauty of Handmade

It is the artisanal work that allows for the constant variety and renewal of the product line. At Tidelli, human involvement extends from conception to furniture delivery.
Working with one's hands is about putting passion into every detail, dedicating oneself to each piece of furniture, making it unique, because ultimately that is the way it should be. Here, the authenticity of each piece is what gives our line versatility . Artisanal techniques combined with our team's knowledge enable the development of new products in an innovative, free, and creative way, as well as offering customers the possibility of choosing colors and shapes that best suit their decoration.


With the establishment of the factory in Moradas da Lagoa, Tidelli created an integrated relationship with the local community, paving the way to create jobs, generate income, attract other non-polluting industries and restore the dignity of the entire community. We understand that by providing training, support, and growth opportunities, employees can pave a new future for themselves through their involvement, hard work, and dedication.