Shell: Seashell Inspired Design Takes Center Stage in the Organika Collection

The delicate design of seashells served as inspiration for Luciano Mandelli to create the elegant Shell collection.

The entrepreneur, who has designed various pieces for the brand, also drew inspiration from Mykonos, previously launched by Tidelli with Greek influences, to compose this new line. "We used aluminum, nautical rope, and perforated elements. It turned out very beautiful," he recalls, explaining further: "We felt it was necessary to continue this great story, so we chose to use the same materials, but this time, creating furniture with more volume."

With high backs and wooden legs, the Shell pieces feature a light design due to the chosen weave. "Despite occupying more visual space, the furniture is fluid and allows integration because of the perforated elements in the weaving."

The comfort of the collection is one of its highlights and one of the reasons why it's one of Luciano Mandelli's favorites. "I fell in love with Shell during the creation process. The choice of materials, the design, the handmade craftsmanship... All the details make it a collection that, without a doubt, is here to stay," he concludes.

Shell collection consists of lounge chairs, chairs, and a loveseat.

Photos: Daniel Santo