Sailor: Award-Winning Design

Line with weft inspired on fisherman’s net shows the best of brazilian design to the world.


Behind the development of each product, the searching of materialization of an idea and love for handmade come together in a single purpose, become the outdoor living funnier, creating affective memories and eternalizing moments.

It’s the case of the Sailor Line, that was created in 2015 during the “Outdoor Furniture Design Award” promoted by Tidelli to celebrate the 25 years of the brand. André and Márcia Varizo were the winners in the Professional category with the Sailor Chaise.

The simple aesthetic but full of personality, brings gentle wefts of tensioned ropes inspired by fishing nets, resulting in an ultra contemporary design that remains on the rise, even five years later.

Signed by Luciano Mandelli, in 2016 the line got a new piece, the Sailor Lounge Chair that an year later brought to Tidelli the award from “Inovation in Design Award” – IDAS in the USA in the category Product Design. It was also finalist in the award “Casa Vogue Design” and in the international award “Worldwide Hospitality Design Awards” ranking among the four best Outdoor Hospitality products, in the middle of the 300 nominations.

The Sailor Line is an invitation to rest and contemplate the nature in the best  “outdoor living style”

 Images: Reinaldo Giarola