Natural Paradises: Bahia Inspires the Caraíva Collection

On the Discovery Coast in Bahia lies the enchanting village of Caraíva - a place where nature and culture intertwine. Bathed by the Atlantic or the river that bears its name, this tropical paradise inspired the collection that translates the beachside atmosphere.

A collection that unfolds concepts of lounges, benches, chairs, and armchairs in different dimensions and finishes, using structures of wood, aluminum, weaves in nautical rope, and fabrics.



Meticulously handcrafted by artisans who understand the intricate alchemy of these materials, each piece of the Caraíva Collection is a statement of laid-back luxury integrated into the environment. The fusion of forms mimics bamboo, fishing nets, and manual lashings, creating the perfect balance with nature. We celebrate the Bahia of Dorival Caymmi, Jorge Amado, and Carlinhos Brown.

As the world seeks ecologically conscious living solutions, this line offers responsible design, recyclable materials, and social responsibility. All pieces are built to inspire and withstand the rigors of outdoor life, while leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

Photos: Daniel Santo