Launches 2022/23 has a partnership with national designers.

Specialist in the development of outdoor living furniture, Tidelli continues to create, invest in innovation and technology, and launch global trends when it comes to furniture for outdoor areas.

Intending to always present exclusive novelties on the market, Tidelli is launching new products and complements, in addition to expanding three existing lines and consolidating the partnership with new fabric suppliers.

In line with world design trends, the brand will present collections composed of products with organic shapes and designs that prioritize the artisanal process in their development. “The result is unique pieces, with a lot of handmade, made for a demanding public that appreciates design”, anticipates the company's president, Luciano Mandelli.

Reaffirming a partnership that always works, the architect Manuel Bandeira signs the new Gamboa chair, for Tidelli. Modern and, at the same time, timeless, the chair has a weave made of nautical rope that follows a continuous, sinuous, and infinite shape.

Designing a product for Tidelli for the first time, urbanist architect Solana Marianelli presents the Carmel line, comprising a swivel lounge chair, swivel chair, and swivel stool. The professional took almost two years to complete the design of the pieces, carrying out studies and testing ideas in 3D.

Among the 2022 launches, the Hermosa swing stands out, the first product 100% developed by a Tidelli employee.

The author of the piece, artisan and braider Fábio de Jesus Santos, who has been with the company for 16 years, reveals that he was inspired by his profession to develop it.

Hand-braided with nautical rope, the Hermosa swing features an exclusive weave. Its structure is in aluminum, it has an upholstered seat and its support ropes support up to 286.6 lbs. On the upper part, it has a wooden detail – which makes it combine harmoniously different styles of decoration, in addition to a swivel that allows you to rotate the piece 360°. The color defines whether the swing will be a casual or sophisticated piece.

With a minimalist style, the Rio line - inspired by Rio de Janeiro - was thought and designed to have a clean and flexible design, with light and easy-to-use pieces in different types of decoration.

The line consists of a chair model, in the version with and without armrests, with an aluminum structure and nautical rope finish. Focusing on comfort, the model with arm is not braided, just coated. It also has a side table. Its differentiated design features details on the base and an overlap in the aluminum structure until it reaches the HPL top.


Designed by Luciano Mandelli, the Quechua Line is made up of chairs and lounge chairs, which can have a back and seat upholstered in nautical rope or fabric. The pieces have a wooden structure with a modern design at the base, in addition to fittings and angles that refer to Inca architecture.

Technological development, the overcoming of climatic adversities – desert, altitude, and snow –, as well as the colorful aesthetics are also represented in the furniture of the line through Tidelli’s manual work in the braiding of the nautical ropes and the weaving of the fabrics – techniques much explored in Peru.

Soft gained new complementary modules and backrests in different shapes and sizes.

With a modern design, Padang received new side tables and coffee tables with granite tops. The wooden structure received aluminum support with braided nautical rope.

The Maui utility line will have the new products: Serving Dishes in oval, round and rectangular shapes, as well as baskets/waste baskets in small and large sizes. All parts are covered with nautical ropes.

Inspired by the shapes of nature, the Organika coffee table line has aluminum support, wooden legs, and a granite top. In addition to being functional, it combines external and internal decorations, in styles that range from classic to the most casual – showing the versatility of the piece. It will be available in three different sizes.

Invited by Tidelli to pass on her knowledge of jewelry to the world of nautical ropes, Karin Reiter launches, in partnership with the brand, the Raízes Collection, inspired by Brazilian fauna and flora.

The Raízes Collection brings all this symbolism and the strength that the elements carry to jewelry. In addition to aesthetics, it intends to encourage the preservation of forests. It was made intuitively, in an organic play with the strings. It is formed by “wall necklaces” that can be used in decorations of different styles.

As part of the strategy of constantly launching new products, in May this year, Tidelli entered into a partnership with the most desired ceramic designer today, Danielle Raiola.

Inspired by the colors of nautical ropes from the brand, Apricot, and Oliva, the artist designs a curatorship of ceramic dinnerware and decor for Tidelli.

To select the products, Danielle Raiola took into account a special request: that they are versatile and could be used in more than one function.

The designer opted for pieces in a warm Peach color and a cool Oliva color. Danielle Raiola has already made exclusive partnerships with brands and personalities such as Dolce & Gabbana, Paula Raia, Ana Raia, and Giuliana Romanno.

To further expand its extensive product mix, Tidelli launches 14 new colors of nautical ropes. Inspired by Desert Collor, they have a base with more neutral tones.

Tidelli was a pioneer in Brazil in the use of nautical ropes in the development of outdoor living furniture. Highly resistant, the raw material is part of the brand's DNA, as well as the boldness and pioneering spirit in new releases on the market.

In addition to coverings with nautical ropes, Tidelli starts working with fabrics from Maiori Casa and Quaker Decor. With high resistance and extreme quality, they have exclusive prints and are perfect for covering furniture that is on display in outdoor areas. Their high resistance makes them withstand the most varied climate changes.

Catalog Photos: : Tarso Figueira
Ceramic Tableware Photos:: Daniel Santo

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