Latina | New Collection Tidelli 2021

Vibrant colors, intenses shapes and a lot of personality feature the new Latina Collection by Tidelli. A tour to the outdoor lifestyle, inspired by the DNA of the historic and incomparable Latin American culture and history, a trip to the unique colors of Medellín, to the peculiarities of picturesque Veracruz, from the beauty and lifestyle of Tulum in Mexico to charming regions of Pucon in Chile.

César Giraldo's luxurious aesthetic is a well-crafted blend of innovative ideas and timeless forms of craftsmanship cultivated in the past. This line brings the spaghetti rope with transparency, detail can be seen on the back of the lounge chair and sofa and is composed of a sofa, lounge chair, side tables and coffee tables

Sami Hayek presents Veracruz. In this line, aluminum, wood, and ribbon rope appear harmoniously integrated into the furniture, which has a distinctive base. It is composed of a modular sofa, bench, folding screen, coffee table, side tables, in addition to a lounge chair and chair weaved in rope, which makes a modern reinterpretation of the "Loop Chair".

Designed by Luciano Mandelli, Pucon refers to the small and charming Chilean city of the same name. “Pucon was chosen because of its warmth. This is a hot line ”, explains the executive. The modulated and upholstered back supports that make up the line refer to the heat that the city exudes. Like a large lego, they are flexible, modern, and up-to-date, with rounded edges and wooden feet with a straight and clean design.



The beautiful Tulum, in Mexico, with its boho style, which mixes artisanal and indigenous work, has been a natural inspiration for Tidelli. Signed by the brand's founder, Tatiana Mandelli, together with Luciano Mandelli, the line is composed of light and attractive pieces. The lounge chair and sofa have hollow elements, resistant tubes, and wide-open wefts. With a striking design, both have an upholstered seat, back, and sides.



Photograph: Reinaldo Giarola