California Dreaming: 3 tips for your next trip!

The state of California is undoubtedly one of those destinations everyone includes on their favorites list! For those who've never been... it's a mix of surprise and anticipation. For those who have... it's longing and amazing memories.

A unique destination with special attractions... and so diverse! Whether it's the entertainment in Los Angeles, the glamour of Beverly Hills, the beaches of San Diego, or the captivating scenes of Yosemite National Park, they all beckon the millions of tourists who visit California year-round.

As one of the state's main gateways, Los Angeles welcomes a vast array of flights from various corners of the world. Both in the city and nearby, there's a plethora of attractions for all tastes, offering culture, history, and plenty of sophistication.

Palm Springs: the stage for Modernism Week

Palm Springs is a city situated just over 180 kilometers from Los Angeles. Located in the Sonoran Desert, in Riverside County, it's renowned for its sunny weather, luxury hotels and resorts, and primarily for hosting one of the world's premier architecture and design events: Modernism Week.

Celebrated annually in two segments, 11 days in February and 4 days in October, Modernism Week sees over 120,000 participants and organizes about 350 events, including shows, lectures, films, walking and biking tours, exhibitions, and so much more.


For the 4th consecutive year, Tidelli made its presence felt at the event in 2023. Through setting up a pop-up store, its furniture drew the attention of designers, architects, and lovers of the outdoor lifestyle.

The Outdoor Experience by Tidelli program showcases the behind-the-scenes of this event, in that special way you're already familiar with. Watch it right now!

3 amazing tips for your next trip!

Everyone knows California is a stunning destination! With so much to do, how can you choose the best options? Tricky question, right? To aid in your decision, we've curated three must-visit spots that should definitely be on your next California itinerary:

The first tip is for those seeking one of the hottest spots in the Californian desert: The Purple Room in Palm Springs. This place boasts the title of the desert's main nightclub! Apart from its drink and cocktail options, this club, frequented by several celebrities, is famed for its throwback musical performances from the 60s. Can you feel the nostalgia yet?

You can't miss this tip! Griffith Observatory is one of Los Angeles' icons. Who wouldn't want a breathtaking view of the Californian skyline? Perfect for stargazing, the observatory also features one of the most famous telescopes globally, the Zeiss. Open since 1935, Griffith is the most popular and visited public observatory in the world.

Nothing wraps up a trip better than a delightful meal, right? The late 19th and early 20th-century Italian migration to California might explain the success of Cecconi’s West Restaurant. This classic Italian eatery offers handcrafted pasta, seafood, and other dishes straight from beautiful Italy. It's undoubtedly a top choice for those seeking variety, sophistication, and, of course, delicious food!