A dive into Tidelli’s history

Being TOP OF MIND for the eighth year in a row made us think about all the paths we've been through. As any good story goes, ours is also filled with challenges, opportunities and a lot of affection.

Tidelli was created out of a pure love of the outdoors.

It was in the 80’s that Tatiana Mandelli, Tidelli’s founder, saw the opportunity right in front of her. At the time, there were few or no options for outdoor furniture in Brazil. The US, on the other hand, had been using aluminum in upscale outdoor furniture since the 1960’s. A trip to California and a visit to a furniture manufacturer was about to change everything. The year was 1989, the same year Tidelli was born.

Our first business unit was established south of Brazil in the city of Porto Alegre. Strong will, lack of experience and lots of challenges marked the first few months. But soon enough Tidelli gained popularity among those who love being outdoors.

Our first franchise came in 1991 when we opened our store in São Paulo. Big city, even bigger responsibility. The Kintamani line, which used PVC fiber and was at the time innovative for Brazil, was introduced that same year.

Four years later, we experienced a huge turning point. We had to leave our building in Porto Alegre. With customers and orders coming from all over Brazil; Bahia was strategically positioned. At a seaside location that was equally distant from the north and south. What a great place to settle down!

Being able to test items in our own backyard while enjoying the beach outdoors with the sun and surf. It was perfect.

A few years later our manufacturing complex moved to Fazenda Coutos, a poor community in Salvador. There we began to create jobs, qualify individuals to prepare them for the market, and also find a ton of new talents.

All of our products are handcrafted. This enables ongoing innovation. Design is something we are enthusiastic about, and for us, it is a fun and strategic process. We adore collaborating with designers and architects. And while Tidelli does this frequently today, Fernando Peixoto was our debut in 1999.

Beginning with Tidelli 's 25th anniversary, we regularly launched lines bearing the signatures of well-known designers. The “Painho” lines from Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, the “Mesh” from Maria Cândida Machado and the “Pão de Açúcar” from Manuel Bandeira are all examples.

Designers always bring challenges and that is what keeps us going.

Since then, we have formed numerous collaborations and produced enduring, iconic creations. Some of the collaborators who inspire us are Ruy Ohtake, Maurício Arruda, Alfio Lisi, and other well-known international designers like Kwango Lee, César Giraldo, and Sami Hayek.

Colors, people, and top-quality materials make up our core elements. We focus on our goal of assisting individuals in enjoying what gives life purpose, and draw inspiration from the outside world.

Each and every one of these encounters leaves its stamp on us. They mold and shape who we are. Family, unity, love, and plenty of contemporaneity. Each item reflects our affection and core principles.

From our hands into your life.