The need to maintain an outdoor routine during the pandemic made a carioca family, who lives in the capital of São Paulo, anticipate plans to buy the dream house on the beach. 

The executive couple found in the charming Brisas do Engenho condominium, on the small and cozy Praia do Engenho, on the north coast of São Paulo, the ideal place for a balanced routine with nature, living together with their two teenage children and to be close to the sea again.

To develop the interior decoration project and external areas, Luiza de Souza do Amaral and Fernanda Nasser, from the Concretize Interiores office, received some special requests. “They wanted a house prepared to receive, with very comfortable furniture, modern design and high resistance, capable of withstanding climatic changes. The family loves to throw parties and welcome guests. In addition, they are surfers and the furniture needed to be very resistant and require little maintenance”, they explain.

When they started working on the design of the ambiance, they didn't think twice: it had to be with Tidelli furniture. They say they were already fans of the brand's swings, and whenever they could, they added to the projects. However, they had not yet had the opportunity to create a larger project. “It was a great experience to do a bigger project. We had incredible support from the São Paulo store before, during and after the sale.”

Inspired by the preserved local Atlantic Forest, the professionals bet on a palette with lots of green, brown, orange and neutrals colors. “Tidelli's wide color palette brought nature into the project and composed it perfectly with the desired proposal. The furniture design exceeded all expectations in terms of comfort”, they say.

On the inside, the room received a Fusion loveseat and sofa. “The swing is, for sure, the highlight of the house, and the most disputed by visitors”, they evaluate, and complete: “The sofa was placed in front of the backyard. The idea was to provide a pleasant space for socializing and parties, with a view of the swimming pool and the large green wall made with different species of plants as part of the scenario”.

Integrated into this space, the gourmet area received a large Piramide table with a copper granite top and Java chairs in Blood Orange nautical rope. Also in this environment, closer to the pizza oven, the round version of the Piramide table, in harmony with Painho chairs, was chosen especially for the games. “We chose Painho for its comfort. The family is very fond of board games and it was necessary to have a comfortable space for this hobby”.

In the backyard, Luiza and Fernanda created a lounge for enjoying nature and the green wall, sunbathing, as well as good conversations and drinks. They bet on the modern design of Sugarloaf lounge chairs and puffs. “Our idea was to create a small nook that would encourage coexistence, as well as the entire concept of the project. And we did it”, they comment, and emphasize: “We managed to give life to an exclusive project, with personality and unique. In line with the Tidelli proposal”.

At the end of last year, the interior designers visited the company's factory in Bahia and were able to get a closer look at the handcrafted furniture production process. “We were surprised, as we had no idea it was that way, with workers hand-weaving each piece. We come to understand the real value of the furniture, and we are not referring to price. The experience of seeing the production line and its peculiarities made Tidelli super value for us”, they conclude.

Photography: Raphael Briest