Until the 30th of October, in an iconic 1975 mansion, designed by the architect Osiris Rocha and located on Avenida Beira Mar, the 2022 edition of the Mostra Aracaju will take place – the largest and most complete exhibition of Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscaping in Sergipe.

Tidelli is present in two spaces: Pátio de Eventos and Terraço Terroir. Both bring a feature in common: the modern style punctuated by the contemporary design of the brand's furniture.

Designed by the architect and lighting designer, Aramari Tude, from Arq. Design & Decoration, the Pátio de Eventos was designed to be a place for parties and get-togethers.

The professional highlights that she was inspired by Italian patios, with dense vegetation and fountains with animal statues. “The space has a different landscaping, with a hanging garden composed of many plants and flowers”, she explains, and adds: “I used decorative elements such as a large lion's head and, instead of water, I explored the scenographic lighting”.

To ensure that events can take place in any weather and in different formats, she added a metallic cover, with waterproof and sliding fabric, which opens and closes according to need, and created a buffet bench integrated into the table, all in stone. To complement it, she used Amado stools and armchairs, covered in black nautical rope. At one end, she added support with a bucket for drinks.  

The central lounge was set with comfortable Soft sofas and side tables from the KauaiBora Bora, and Flex lines. “The sofa is the main part of the environment. It calls and gives warmth and comfort. Everyone who passes by sits and stands there, contemplating,” she says.

Around the environment, the architect distributed Marina ottomansVeracruz benchesSpool benchesvases, and lanterns. “I opted for furniture in neutral tones, like black and gray. In contrast, I used orange pieces, creating dots of color.”

Working with Tidelli for over 25 years, Aramari Tude highlights that the choice for the brand has to do with its constant updating. “Tidelli is always at the forefront. It is ahead of its competitors in all aspects: design, comfort, and ergonomics”, she says, and adds: “In addition, it has an incredible variety of materials, finishes, colors, and styles, ranging from rustic to luxury, which allows me to always create unique projects”.

The Terraço Terroir environment maintains the minimalist proposal, but, this time, uses light tones, such as off-white and sand.

Designed by architect Renata Lopes, it was created with inspiration from the “in and out”: external, but with an internal feel. “The idea was to create a welcoming place, where visitors would feel at home. Perfect for relaxing, drinking wine, having good conversations, or smoking a cigar,” she explains.

Surrounded by green plants, the modular Pucon sofa stands out in combination with the Medellín lounge chairs, which bring organic design. “It is modular, so you can change its layout whenever you want”.

In the center, giving functionality to the space, she bet on an all-wood Fusion table. For the environment, lanterns and a nautical rope rug add charm. “I used light shades to create a highlight with a bamboo panel developed on one side,” she says.

The architect emphasizes that as a reference brand in furniture for outdoor areas, Tidelli was the perfect choice to create the Terraço Terroir. “I wanted differentiated design, but I also wanted beauty, ergonomics, and comfort. Working with Tidelli is making sure that the project will not disappoint,” she concludes.  

Photos: Xico Diniz