The colors, wefts and textures of Tidelli’s furniture are highlighted in the project designed by the architect Ana Loureiro for a young couple from Amazonia. The professional, who completed 15 years of career in 2021, says that, to give life to the space, she betted on shades such as black and gray, as well as sober elements in woodwork and modern countertops with straight line design. The couple, who love color but didn’t want to give up elegance and sobriety, wanted a relaxed and multicolored environment, especially in the outdoor area. “I used the neutral base so that, with the contrast, the colors and wefts could stand out”, explains Loureiro, who adds: “The result was a colorful and, at the same time, sophisticated environment, inspired by the Miami Beach climate, such as they wanted it”, comments the professional.

With the wide range of colors made available by Tidelli, the architect knew that she would have infinite possibilities for creating a personalized, exclusive project. “The choice of neutral elements left me free to play, bringing all the color we needed to the environment”, she highlights. Blue, purple, pink and yellow were the colors chosen to make the space even more charming and fun. The tones, which stand out in Tidelli furniture, also appear with subtlety in the decoration and landscaping. In the dining area, a large Piramide rectangular table, with a base in ivory color and a top in Perla marble – a stone that appears on all the project’s tables – received comfortable Amado chairs, covered with nautical ropes mixed in Blueberry tone.

In the living room, the gray sofa received multicolored pillows. In this same place, the harmonic composition between the Spool coffee table, with yellow rope base, the Marina coffee table in Warm Gray rope and the Soft gray round ottoman made the environment seem relaxed.

In the outdoor area, in the lounge for outdoor dining and meetings, the architect repeats the union between the Piramide and Amado lines. This time, with a round table and chairs with arms in Warm Gray rope. In the pool area, the highlights are the Giardino pool chaise with pink aluminum frame and pink rope, Maui purple multipurpose bench and yellow basket handles.

Designed by renowned designer Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, the Painho swing, with rope covering in Indigo color, completes the super relaxed atmosphere of the wet area. “I was very happy with the result. I couldn’t have chosen another brand for this project. With Tidelli, I’m sure I’m specifying quality furniture, comfortable, easy to maintain and with a lot of design, in addition to having a variety of colors and textures that allow me to have complete freedom in creating”, concludes Ana Loureiro.

Photography : Larissa Cohen