What environment in the house is best to welcome friends and family?

Mastering the art of receiving well is essential for those who love to have a get-together! A golden tip for those who want to make their guests comfortable is to receive them in a cozy and informal atmosphere. Intimate lighting, good music, beautiful decorative flowers and a drink at the reception help to set the mood! But none of this is enough if pleasant environments are missing, which encourage interaction between visitors.

Discover four outdoor spaces in which a good host should invest!

1. Gourmet Space

The kitchen was once considered the heart of the home. But, that has changed! Currently, the Gourmet Space has become more and more the protagonist of the house, as it brings together different environments in the same place and with infinite possibilities of conviviality, whether to receive, relax, prepare a meal, chat and, why not, even hold a business meeting.

But none of this will be possible if the chosen furniture is not developed with comfort, aesthetics and durability, as, for example, Tidelli furniture. With an exclusive design, they have an exclusive weave of nautical rope handcrafted by trained artisans. Each piece is specially made to provide comfort, functionality and resistance, as well as beauty and a modern design to make this outdoor space perfect. Discover our catalog!

2. Living environment: infinite combinations

Do you want to expand your being and don't know how? Tidelli helps you!

The integration between the indoor environments of the house and the outdoors is an excellent alternative in the creation of spaces for socializing. In this modern configuration, the furniture also gains new ways of use. An example is the use of furniture developed for the outdoor area in interior decoration. Pieces with exquisite design allow this “exchange”.

Compositions with Soft modules, Biarritz table sets, Oslo stools, rugs, magazine racks and accessories can be applied in an internal room, without fighting with the ambiance of the house. This is possible because Tidelli invests heavily in design, with the best names designing exclusive furniture for the brand. Take a look at the designers below: Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, Mauricio Arruda, Maria Cândida Machado, Ruy Ohtake, Manuel Bandeira and internationals such as Sami Hayek and César Giraldo. Do you wanna know more about the furniture created by these designers for Tidelli? Visit the nearest store and fall in love with the collections.

3. Garden, the best outdoor environment!

Do you agree? The garden is the right place for relaxation! It's where you always imagine yourself when you think about resting, reading a good book, listening to music and hanging out with friends and family. These are the most desired moments and, for that, Tidelli has spared no efforts in developing many solutions in furniture for outdoor environments, such as swimming pools, green spaces and children’s spaces – made with resistant materials such as aluminum and nautical rope, among others.

Life is funnier when you can enjoy the outdoors, play on the Pendulo swing, the Painho swing shell or the Bora Bora swing, relax on the Marina, Fusion, Kauai loveseats or relax in the sun on the Giardino, Malibu, Java and Club pool chaises. Go to the Tidelli store and simulate your environment.

4. Balcony, Terrace or Lounge

Golden tip: No matter the size of the environment, it can be customized your way!

Ahh, I get it! Do you have a charming little balcony, a compact terrace or an intimate lounge and don't know how to decorate? Creativity at this time is the “icing on the cake”.

Even small, these places are great for organizing parties, happy hour, meetings with friends... And Tidelli accompanies your creativity by bringing furniture options that adapt to the size of the space you need to decorate, in addition, of course, to offering combinations of colors, materials, textures and incredible designers. There's only one way, you have to know the Tidelli catalog. But in the meantime, check out this selection of Tidelli furniture for small spaces and follow us on social media!