Happy New Year!

If at the end of 2019, someone said that in 2020 we would experience a world pandemic - under the threat of a new virus - we would have certainly said, "that's crazy!" ... But it happened!

2020 was challenging! Coronavirus asked for attention, and we at Tidelli responded accordingly. We decided to face it in the same way that we face all obstacles placed in our trajectory, in our more than three decades of existence - with courage, boldness and determination.

To survive the pandemic, we decided not to stop! With all necessary care, we carried out social distancing in the factory, provided masks, alcohol gel and prophylaxis (giving ivermectin to each employee). We were systematic and managed to stop the virus within our environment.

Quickly and strategically, we adapted our business to serve online, serving virtually - and with the same excellence - for our customers from all over Brazil.

While many closed their doors, we decided to continue working, because hunger and misery also kill! We decided to make the economy run - generating income, dignity and hope for our more than 400 employees and their families.

In a world where death was the main agenda of the media, we decided to LIVE!

During these nine months of the pandemic, we kept the virus under control at our facilities. We haven't lost any employees. And that is a victory for Tidelli.

In 2020, we grew approximately 16% in comparison to 2019. Many efforts were made, and we did not fire any employees. On the contrary! We expanded our workforce by 19.5%, honoring salaries and benefits that are always up to date. This is because one of Tidelli's main beliefs is valuing the national product and the talent of the Brazilian people. These are the elements that honor our roots and diversity, the unique creativity present our brand's DNA through "handmade" craftsmanship.

We delivered to our customers - of which about 97% of the orders were scheduled for end of year parties - with quality and efficiency. Even though there is a shortage of raw materials. It was not easy. Believe us!

We bravely faced the pandemic, and this was only possible thanks to each person who wears the Tidelli shirt, whether on the shop floor or on the front line and in our stores. Each of you is part of something greater than us, which only works well if done together! And we are grateful for that!

In 2021, Tidelli will continue to see the “glass half full,”with positivity, because we believe in Brazil and the talent of Brazilians. That's who we are! We will move forward with purpose!

We will have many new features and releases, and you will be part of it all!
We know that the new year does not represent a return to our “old normal." But it certainly represents a new moment, a new energy ... We, at Tidelli, wish that it is truly a Happy New Year for all of you!

Tatiana Mandelli, Founder of Tidelli