Tidelli releases new products for Kauai Line

Created by Luciano Mandelli in 2019, the Kauai collection is one of Tidelli’s beloved lines. Its weft, confort and design give a cool style to outdoor areas and indoor spaces.

Available in more than 60 different colors, the nautical rope appears in the coating of the aluminum structure of this seven new pieces that are now part of the line: sofa, loveseat, bar stool, chaise, side tables and coffee table. 


The upholstered Chaise is cozy and has a rounded design. It is an unique, harmonious, and modern piece.

The Sofa with 63”, has a clean design, light lines, upholstered seat and pillows. The Kauai Love Seat is similar in design to the sofa. It has 47.25” and is perfect for small places and intimate moments. The Side tables and Coffee table, have an aluminum base covered with nautical rope and granite top. In different sizes and heights, they have multiple functionalities, but they can compose the same environment creating an asymmetrical and cool decor.

The new Bar stool is versatile and can be used in corporate and residential spaces.

Images: Reinaldo Giarola