Tidelli pays homage to Inca ancestry in a line that explores wefts and weaving.

Straight lines, mixing of materials, and precise weaves. Quechua brings the beauty of design in detail.

Designed by Luciano Mandelli, the new line pays tribute to the native people of South America, whose ancestry and techniques have kept their essence, even after the invasion of other cultures. Of Latin origin, the word designates a language and also the ethnicity of people who belonged to one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Quechua symbolizes the development of the Latin people. They were protagonists in their time, and much of what they did remains in the culture today.” Luciano Mandelli.

Composed of chairs and lounge chairs, which can have a back and seat upholstered in nautical rope or fabric, its pieces have a wooden structure with a modern design at the base, in addition to fittings and angles that refer to Inca architecture.

Technological development, overcoming climatic adversities, and colorful aesthetics are also represented in the furniture through Tidelli's handwork, in the braiding of nautical ropes, and the weaving of fabrics – techniques widely explored in Peru.

Ahead of Tidelli's presidency, Luciano Mandelli is divided between managing the company and creating innovative furniture, with history and purpose.

Several of the brand's successful lines carry his designs, such as Marina, one of the first created with nautical rope, Spool, which brings a modern base inspired by spools, and Pucon, which refers to the small, cozy, and charming Chilean city of the same name.

Photos: Tarso Figueira