Tidelli participates in the commemorative edition from Casa Cor São Paulo

A modernist architecture building full of history, 100 years of the “22nd Modern Art Week” and the commemorative edition of one of the main architecture and decoration exhibitions in the country. It is with these rich elements that, from July 5th to September 11th, the 35th Casa Cor São Paulo takes place, in the Conjunto Nacional, with the theme “Infinito Particular”.

In the famous building located on Avenida Paulista, in a large space of 2153ft², with a ceiling height of almost 14,5 ft, Tidelli appears in the environment: “Praça Paulista Augusta”, designed for decompression.

Designed by the landscape architect Catê Poli in partnership with the landscaper João Jadão, in a square format, it makes a special invitation to those who pass by: let the clock go slower, reserving a little time for coexistence. “We are in a privileged place, with lots of natural light, where people can have a moment to breathe, to rest”, they say.

The professionals chose to create a route with upholstery from the Pucon line, from the latest collection launched by the brand, Latina. “It has everything to do with our project. It is contemporary and, at the same time, cozy”, explains Poli. 

In a circuit formed by the modulates, which were arranged in front of the windows, visitors can sit for short or long conversations, enjoying life that vibrates on one of the best-known avenues in Brazil and, depending on the time, watches the sunset. “Our space is wonderful, totally open and with a fantastic view that becomes evident with the natural light during the day and, at night, with the scenographic lighting”, she says.

Catê Poli chose to work with shades of orange and the rounded design of the Soft puffs, references that are on the rise in decor. The architect highlights that organic shapes and vibrant colors were trends recently presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. “The puffs left the environment more fluid, light. The colors brought strength”, she says, and adds: “I like to use color in projects because they stir emotions and bring positive sensations. Tidelli makes this possible.”

The warm tones chosen made a counterpoint to the green of the landscaping. Among the species used are palm trees and foliage such as philodendrons, which survive well in indoor environments. “We created a very tropical climate with plants that characterize Burle Marx, who was a pioneer in the 1940s in developing more organic and naturalistic gardens, with tropical and exotic varieties, at a time when everyone wanted to imitate Europe”, they emphasize.


The 2022 edition of Casa Cor São Paulo marks the fourth partnership between Catê Poli and João Jadão with Tidelli. The professionals emphasize that the flexibility of the furniture and the infinite composition of colors of the brand are some of the aspects that delight the duo. “Volatility is a current word. The pandemic has shown us that we live in a time of uncertainty. Before things happened more slowly and, today, changes are fast, the world is unpredictable. To handle all this, flexibility is needed. And Tidelli furniture has it. For sure, there will be new partnerships ahead”, they conclude.

Photos: Renato Navarro