Versatile, conceptual, comfortable and modern! Tidelli takes all its trends to one of the main architecture and decoration exhibitions in Brazil, CasaCor Rio de Janeiro 2022, which takes place until June 26, at Instituto Brando Barbosa, located in the traditional Jardim Botânico neighbourhood.

The brand – which has become a “must-have” when it comes to furniture for outdoor areas – appears in four environments designed by renowned professionals. Meet each of them below:


Designed by landscape designer Anna Luiza Rothier, the “Muito Além do Jardim” is a counterpoint to the majestic architecture of the house that hosts the exhibition. Having the exuberance of nature as the protagonist brings lightness, and is relaxed and unpretentious.

Open-air and full of trees, the space gained a rich landscape design, with tropical vegetation that provides an explosion of green and is in total harmony with the “carioca” lifestyle.

The landscaper opted for a decor in which white predominates associated with natural wood and black details. Among Anna Luiza Rothier's choices are a large Ibiza Ombrelone, which acts with a double function: to protect from the sun and rain.

For good conversations in the open air, comfortable Oslo sofas contrast the ambience, with Octa side tables and Smart coffee tables. The Piramide dining table received Fusion benches and Boss chairs. The space also gained mirrors.


Based on the temporal hiatus that humanity has experienced in recent years, the intimate being “Tempo da Alma” proposes a momentary break to relax, renew the soul and recharge energies in the return to the fleeting and fast chronological time, before the pandemic.

Designed by Bezamat Arquitetura, it comprises a covered area integrated into the garden. The Architect Cristina Bezamat highlights that the project's concept reflects the Swedish philosophy Lagom, which means "not too much, not too little", and the Danish style Hygge, whose non-literal translation approaches well-being, welcoming and comfort.

The professional invested in the decoration in pastel tones to evoke tranquility and optimism, curved and minimalist shapes that refer to the elements of nature and plant fibers.

In the center of the lounge, on the nautical rope rug, the Spool coffee table is highlighted. On the sides, Fusion sofa with colored pillows, Mesh lounge chair, Soft and Marina puffs, IOS bench and Octa side tables.

There are vases with spices, herbs and flowers on the Smart console that stimulate smell and touch, through natural aromas and textures, amplifying the feeling of coziness. At the base of the stairs, are comfortable Soft daybeds, octagonal Ombrelone and charming lanterns. All Tidelli, of course!


A haven of peace and welcome, perfect to recharge your batteries and forget about your frenetic life, with an exclusive fragrance and soundtrack. This is the proposal for the “Refúgio Urbano”, designed by architects Cadé Marino, Thiago Morsch and Michelle Wilkinson, from UP3 Arquitetura.

Located on the second-floor balcony of the main house and facing the lush garden, it is integrated with the living room and deck. In addition to the traditional function of contemplation and conviviality, the balcony was transformed into a total decompression zone. To reinforce this relaxing atmosphere, it has a “Japandi” aesthetic, which blends traditional Japanese elegance with Scandinavian coziness.

In the decoration, the professionals opted for light and earthy tones and an organic design, exploring materials that refer to nature. The living environment, in line with this minimalist concept, has a cozy white Pucon modular sofa, cushions in soft colors and Octa side tables. Nothing better than taking a break in the day, without rushing, for coffee, conversations or a good book!


 Debuting at CasaCor Rio 2022, the architect João Panaggio designs the “Casa Migrante”, a guest house with 1076.39ft² designed in the gardens of the exhibition, fully integrated with nature and inspired by nomadism.

After the landscaping course around the ray-shaped water mirror, the visitor is invited to enter a large “box”, full of gaps and glass panels that leave the abundant vegetation within sight.

Internally, he designed, in the same plan, a living room, kitchen and bedroom – the latter delimited by a semicircle partition made of “braided” wood lined with a huge skylight. In the bathroom, a transparent glass wall separates the outdoor garden from the wet area.

The project is also rich in natural materials and the decoration, in a minimalist style, bets on neutral tones, with Tidelli design furniture in the entrance garden. Once again the Pucon sofa is present at the show. This time, in a composition that brings the backrest in the technological Ropetex fabric. Veracruz lounge chairs, by designer Sami Hayek, stand out among the vegetation. Created as a weekend residence, the “Casa Migrante” can be dismantled at the end of the event and “experienced” in new places.

Photos: Denilson Machado @mca_estudio