Tidelli at Pasadena Showcase House

Known as the oldest and most esteemed home and garden tour in the United States, the 2023 Pasadena Showcase House is officially open until May 21,2023. On its 58th edition, the 1933 grand colonial estate in Pasadena was transformed with the latest lifestyle trends highlighted by 32 talented interior and exterior designers. 

'Star On The Rise' Rydhima Brar (nominated Interior Designer 2023, by the Pacific Design Center, CA) was one of the top designers who created the terrace space of the house.


The Indian-by-origin designer explains her thought process in creating the curated 2023 outdoor space:

"The market over here (California) doesn't have many options where you can infuse color. The most used resource has been to add accessories, pillows, or things like that to make a space more colorful. That's why Tidelli furniture became a no-brainer option."

With over 64 nautical rope colors to choose from, Tidelli stands out of the incredible level of customization available.

This year, the nautical rope rugs have been getting a lot of attention. "The moment the visitors take a 360-degree view of the space, they cannot believe the space is for outdoors...," Rydhima explains how everybody's reaction has been jaw-dropping.

Tidelli has participated in the Pasadena Showcase House for many years, bringing the latest colors, trends, and outdoor design furniture - as well as supporting the cause to generate fund tho music programs, award gifts and grants to other non-profit organizations to support their efforts.

2016 - Designed by Leo Cruz and Tatiana Mandelli, the Sculpture Garden was created to promote contemplation. Tidelli swings and many colorful shades created a playful well lighten oat tree that became the focal point of the space. At the living outdoor spaces around the pool, Tidelli navy blue outdoor furniture were a hit.

In 2017, tthe orange and blue hues created a beautiful contrast against the 1916 English Tudor revival style estate.

In 2018, the many turquoise tons kept the elegance of the original 1915 Mediterranean style estate. Tidelli planters and vases were the outdoor highlight of the event.

To learn more about the event go to: https://pasadenashowcase.org/