Tidelli and Matteo Cibic launch VIMARE Collection at São Paulo Design Weekend

About the event:

Starting this saturday, São Paulo, Brazil's largest city, receives DW! Design Weekend. This annual event is all about design and innovation. It takes place in different locations throughout the city. And there is no chance we would miss it!

During the event Tidelli will be launching a new collection. The "VIMARE" collection  was created along with Italian designer Matteo Cibic exclusively for Tidelli and will be displayed during Design Weekend in São Paulo from March 11th to the 19th at our store on Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 1480, Jardim America.


The designer:

Cibic’s work highlights his interdisciplinarity. His pieces are cheerful and he is an expert on “luxury fun”.  Talent and knowledge may have a genetic influence. His uncle is Aldo Cibic, the renowned professional from the 80s,  friend of Ettore Sottsass when he formed the Memphis movement.

About the collection:

The "Vibrazioni di Mare" collection is an exquisite showcase of cabinets and rugs inspired by Matteo Cibic's trip to Salvador, Brazil. The warm sun, the shimmering reflections on the sea, and the care for details on marble have all been captured in this collection, curated by Beto Cocenza, from BOOMSPDESIGN.

Each cabinet features unique patterns and textures that mimic the ebb and flow of the waves, and the marble inlays add a touch of sophistication and luxury. The rugs feature a new handmade knitting technique developed specifically for this collection. The intricate weavings represent the interplay of light and shadow on the ocean's surface, while the new technique adds a level of depth and complexity to the designs.

This collection is a testament of the designer's skill and vision, offering a refreshing and inspiring addition to any home.