Split: Tidelli's debut is marked by open forms and elegance

Versatility and personality are the strengths of the Split line, born from Luciano Mandelli's desire to work with free-form modularity in Tidelli's new collection, Organika.

Based on the concept of multiples, it consists of modular components of 38.50”, 47.25”, 63”, and 78.75” in width. With the proposal to create environments in different styles and sizes, the pieces adapt to the chosen assembly type, catering to various needs.


Luciano Mandelli explains that Split allows for full creativity. "It's possible to create immense islands with various typologies. It even allows people to sit in 360°, design sofas, benches, or ottomans. It's super interesting," he says.

Another highlight of
Split, emphasized by the executive, is the interactivity for architects and decorators who can co-create the furniture. "It invites professionals to imagine the best way to use it," he says, adding, "The line allows for many projects, many very cool ideas. Like a big Lego."

Sophisticated and elegant, the new line can be used in outdoor and indoor spaces, residential or corporate, such as hotel lobbies, entrance halls, among others. "Many of our lines have this multi-use characteristic, transitioning well in any environment, according to the chosen covering," says the executive, concluding with humor: "This is directly linked to the care in the development of the furniture, in all stages, from design, choice of materials to the final result. As they say: Tidelli promises a lot. And delivers everything!"

The modular components of the Split line are 100% aesthetically upholstered, with over 140 options of fabrics with different colors, patterns, and textures.

Photos: Daniel Santo