Your Tidelli Furniture with a Fresh New Look!

Did you know that here at Tidelli, we not only manufacture furniture but also offer a renovation service for old Tidelli pieces? Just imagine, being able to revitalize that beloved piece and even get a brand-new factory warranty! That's exactly what we do.

Renovation is an art, and that's why we've dedicated a specific department in our factory to this activity. And the best part is, there's no time limit for this service! If the furniture has been out of production for a while, no worries. It can still be made as good as new, with new colors and finishes, giving a modern touch to the pieces you love.


The Art of Renovation: Details That Make the Difference

Renovation is a meticulous process, and we make sure to detail each step for you:

We start by carefully removing the old finishes. After that, our attention turns to the backbone of the furniture, the aluminum monoblock structure. Here, a series of careful steps are necessary.

First, a thorough rust-preventive wash ensures that any signs of wear are completely removed. Then, sanding and welding make sure that the base is not just revitalized but as solid and reliable as the day it was created.


With the structure restored, it's time to add a layer of color. The application of a new electrostatic paint brings an impressive visual renewal and also a layer of protection. All our pieces are 100% painted, whether this paint is visible or not. This guarantees weather resistance.

And then we come to the finish. Everything is chosen according to your style, so that the furniture reflects your essence and harmoniously integrates into your environment. It's even possible to change PVC finishes to rope finishes according to your preference. The result is a piece ready to continue its story for many years.


Yacht Clube Bahia: Renovation and Sustainability

An example is the case of Yacht Clube Bahia, which has been part of the Tidelli family since 2006. In 2023, wanting to give a more modern touch to the environment, the furniture was brought back to our factory for the renovation process.

The result was sensational! With revitalized finishes and colors, chairs, lounge chairs, and tables gained a new life, without losing the essence they had chosen years ago. And the best part? In pursuit of sustainability, nothing was wasted. Throughout the entire renovation process, we utilized the old finishes and even the PVC strips were crushed to be used in creating new pieces.

Want to Renovate Your Pieces?

If you have Tidelli furniture and want to renovate it, contact the nearest store and ask a consultant about this process. We offer full assistance through our extensive network of stores spread across Brazil and the world.

At Tidelli, we go beyond furniture manufacturing; we create experiences that transcend time. Quality, sustainability, design, and a passion for the outdoor world are in our DNA.

Tidelli, the experience of living outdoors.