Sahara: dune movement inspires  Tidelli's new line

The organic design is the highlight of the Sahara line, born inspired by the fluid movement of desert dunes.

With an elegant design and well-rounded corners, the pieces bring lightness to projects with personality, whether in indoor or outdoor areas.

Designed by Tidelli's president, Luciano Mandelli,
Sahara started small, from the desire to create just a curved sofa – a trend in today's decoration. "It becomes a protagonist, especially when placed in the middle of the room and can be seen from various angles," he emphasizes.

The color of the sand and the warm climate of the Sahara also stand out in this release, which bets on a modern wooden base.

Luciano Mandelli explains that the line is entirely planned, with diagonally woven patterns. "When I was in the desert, I had the insight that we look at the landscape and usually only see sand. But, in fact, there is another important character there that transforms the scenarios all the time: the wind."


Observing this element shaping the forms, the executive developed the manually woven braid with nautical rope tape. "The sand moves on top of the dunes with the gusts of wind, forming organic patterns. Sahara has movement, has life! It comes to pay homage to a work of nature that changes every day and yet is flawless," he concludes.

The Sahara line consists of sofas in two sizes (98.50” and 118”), a chair with backrest and back support, as well as modules (38.50”, 47.25”, 78.75”, and 98.50”), side modules (47.25” and 63”), corner module (63”), and a pouf.

Photos: Daniel Santo