Pucon by Luciano Mandelli - Latina Collection 2021

We arrived in Pucon! Luciano Mandelli known by his adventurous spirit and determination, never stopped creating. Over the 25 years of work, he has already developed several product lines for Tidelli.

In 2021, as well as the unpredictable and unusual landscapes of the tourist city in Chile, Luciano brings, in the rounded shapes and freedom of compositions of the new Pucon collection, a new proposal for lovers of rest and fun.

Give your projects wings with upholstered modules which together create wide and stylish compositions or individually surprise you with the freedom to compose with the flexibility we so desire.

Upholstered modules allows you to create large spaces, perfect for entertaining and celebrating in the company of the large Pucon dining table, made up to 157”long in various finishing options.

To match, side tables with three different measures invite for the experience of customizing it your way, as well as an adventure in Pucon. Have a good time!


Photography: Reinaldo Giarola