Outdoor Experience by Tidelli: a program for outdoor lovers

We are very excited to share with you our newest project and challenge. Tidelli has been TOP OF MIND in the outdoor furniture industry for almost a decade, and during this time, we have met amazing people, visited wonderful places, and worked on beautiful projects. We know that good things should be shared, which is why we decided to launch a new program on YouTube called OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE BY TIDELLI.

Outdoor Experience by Tidelli is not just about architecture! It's not just about travel and incredible places! We want to dive into the outdoor lifestyle with you and show, through different perspectives, how people around the globe enjoy every moment and every place

Outdoor Experience by Tidelli is both the name of the program and the channel, and new episodes will be released every two weeks, always on Tuesdays at 8 pm. The program is produced by Tidelli and co-produced by the companies DM Produção and Acar Filmes. The script and general direction are by Dani Monteiro. Marcio Antonio is responsible for the cinematography, while the reporting is conducted by Erika Santos and Dani Monteiro. The camera team is formed by Marcio Antonio, Catarina Monnier, and Guilherme Ribeiro. Editing and sound are done by Diego Aragão.

The first episode is undoubtedly remarkable and features a special guest, world surfing champion, Filipe Toledo. That's right! In addition to his passion for surfing, Filipe has always  loved outdoor life...

In the episode, we visited his house, located in San Clemente, California. The space has a large outdoor area that was renovated to comfortably accommodate family and friends, and it is where Filipe enjoys life to the fullest when he's not catching waves at the beach.

The exclusive interview with Filipe Toledo reveals many curiosities about the world champion, including details about his training routine, dedication to the sport, and participation in social projects.


The Outdoor Experience by Tidelli premiered on February 18th at 8 pm on the Outdoor Experience by Tidelli channel on YouTube. Other places, such as Rio de Janeiro and Praia do Forte in Bahia have already been the stage for our recordings, and soon the content will be released!

So, if you are a lover of outdoor life, architecture, and travel, don't waste any time, subscribe to the channel, and follow us!

Take a peek at the first episode and get ready for a unique experience, a true outdoor experience!