New Ombrelone Collection

Tidelli launches new ombrelones

The 2021 collection get new models of ombrelone. Its main features are innovation, functionality and design.

Besides the square and octagonal formats, the Amendoeira ombrelone brings a differencial in the parasol, that will be produced in perforated fabric – An unique product in the world and an innovation by Tidelli. It will be manufactured in four sizes: Square 4,3x4,3yd and 5,4x5,4yd; Octagonal 5,4yd and 6,5yd. All with base included.

The Ibiza Ombrelone has larger front and side flaps, providing a greater shade for those that are enjoyng a sunny day but don’t want to leave the skin care aside.

Highlight for the new oval coupled table for ombrelone by Tidelli. Practicality is the main feature of this piece. Simple but functional, it is perfect to be used in lounges with pool chaises.

Images: Reinaldo Giarola