More personality for your decor

Accessories give a special touch to outdoor areas decoration.

There are no limits to creativity when decorating outdoor areas, such as balconies and gardens. State-of-the-art technology and the use of quality raw materials have made it possible to create products capable of withstanding the most different climatic changes, such as high temperatures and large volumes of rain.

Tidelli has also invested in developing a wide range of decorative accessories, so the consumer can style and customize their indoor spaces, just like people do in interior design.

The Pixel and Cloud models bring the lightness of the nautical rope, in infinite color possibilities.

For the rug lovers, the brand created modern models woven in nautical rope, a material that is part of Tidelli's DNA. By customizing size and colors to their taste, the customer can create all kinds of moods for their outdoor areas.

Rug Cloud

Pendant lamps are also a great choice for styling and decorating indoor areas. The brand has a wide mix of options, with different models from different designers. All of them are made with very light materials and, even in different shapes, sizes and colors, come with something in common: lightness.

Lighting Tidelli. 

Já os projetos mais intimistas pedem uma iluminação cenográfica.  Nestes casos, a escolha pelas lanternas pode ser a melhor opção.

Lighting Tidelli. 

For those who do not give up curtains, composing the accessory with a DNA strand is a modern way to bring them to outdoor spaces. The piece can be woven in more than 50 different colors and composed of monochromatic styles to multicolored designs.

DNA strands can also be applied to walls and ceilings, creating geometric and modern designs.

About Tidelli

Currently, Tidelli has 17 exclusive stores in Brazil and two in California. It is also present in 18 Brazilian multi-brand stores and in the United States: New York, Miami and San Francisco, as well as Panama, Mexico and Uruguay. It also has a distributor in Norway.

Unique design and excellence. That's how Tidelli is known for. With over 450, Tidelli brings to its portfolio a beautiful history of generations of carpenters, glaziers, upholsters, and dressmakers who lent their knowledge to the company. “Here, they understand that it is possible to improve their work in a more productive, focused, efficient and innovative way. People are our base. At Tidelli, everyone is treated the same and they recognize it, putting love into production ”, says President Luciano Mandelli.

Tidelli is located in the Moradas da Lagoa, in Salvador. After a partnership with the local government, in 1999, the company installed its factory in the community, creating jobs and income. Today, Tidelli represents dignity for employees, most of whom are locals. In the company, good ideas, work, and dedication shape new futures.


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