Modern poetry in the wefts of Gamboa

Repeating a successful partnership, the architect and designer Manuel Bandeira match his talent with Tidelli's contemporaneity. The new Gamboa chair was developed exclusively for the brand by him.

The name was inspired by the artisanal fishing artifact often found in the fishing villages of Bahia and homonymous tourist spots, such as the Forte and the Gamboa region. Its modern nautical rope weave is timeless.

“The particular braid, similar to the design of a shell, makes its design simple, light, and without fads – creating harmony and visual simplicity.”

Objective, practical and functional, the Gamboa has a narrow shape, which does not take up much space, and its height allows it to be placed under the table. The lightness of the piece makes it easy to move it and the transparency of the plot does not visually weigh on the environment.

“During the development process, it was necessary to think and look at the furniture as an architect, designer, brand, and consumer. Most people do not know it, but there is a lot of work behind a piece. There is a lot of dedication.”

It is not the first time the architect has created products for Tidelli. Inspired by affective childhood memories, Manuel Bandeira designed the Iaia Ioio rocking chairs, which also pay homage to his grandparents.

He also owns the modern Sugarloaf line which has a design that recalls the shapes of one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world.

More than a designer, Manuel Bandeira is an artist. His pieces bring the passion he has for creating furniture and for everything that his creation can represent in people's daily lives. They are the ones who fit into the environments where life happens with movement, energy, and emotion. Tidelli believes in that!

Photos: Tarso Figueira