Márcia Bizzi signs project inspired by the colors

Functionality, aesthetics, design, durability and comfort

were the starting points for Márcia Bizzi, from Bizzi Arquitetura, in creating the project for the common use areas of the multi-residential building, Allure (located in the Northwest Sector, in Brasília - Brazil).

Working with neutral tones, the architect sought inspiration in the colors of the furniture, creating touches of joy and light to the spaces functioning as a leisure club for the tenants. “The intention was to create inviting and cozy environments to support the owners' moments of rest,” she explains.


Bizzi says that the durability of Tidelli products made a difference when choosing furniture for the space. “The furniture is exposed to the weather and, therefore, they need to be very durable,” she shared. Bizzi added that: “When I recommend Tidelli to a construction company, I am sure that I will be recommending a quality product, which will not cause any maintenance problems and that is guaranteed to be very comfortable.”
Another factor that makes Bizzi choice and recommendation simple is - Tidelli has a wide portfolio of products with one-of-a-kind designs, which offers flexibility when creating unique projects and personalized spaces. Whether choosing colors and finishes, or even selecting an exclusive design, she shares: “I love the availability that the brand has in meeting the most varied needs of the architect. In short, it is the 'set of work' that makes me choose Tidelli.”

Gourmet Area    

To acclimatize the Rooftop Gourmet Area, the architect opted for furniture in sober colors, such as coffee and chocolate shake, as opposed to the vibrant shades of coral and orange.
The comfortable Marina sofa and the Pão de Açúcar armchairs, signed by designer Manuel Bandeira, offer a real invitation to rest and live well. And the brand's versatility shows up in the table designed by Márcia Bizzi, produced exclusively for the project. The piece, tailored for eight seats, won Java armchairs as well an umbrella.

Gourmet  Area

With the beautiful view of Brasília as a backdrop, the Churrasqueira Space follows the same composition of colors.
Imposing Painho armchairs, signed by Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, harmonize with the super functional Spool benches, which also serve as support, alongside the Marina champagne table.
Cozy, the Goa chaise and swivel armchair complement the space with Java chairs and stools, umbrellas and two tables made to measure by Tidelli for the project.

Sauna & Fitness Rooftop  

A rest space for residents who like to train and enjoy a sauna, the Sauna Fitness Terrace has gained Technicolor tables with a Formica top - the base of which already serves as a structure for fixing the umbrellas - comfortable Acapulco chairs.


Swimming Pool Space

In the Espaço Piscina, delicious Royal lounges mix with tables of the Octa line, umbrellas showcasing the flexibility of Tidelli, in the composition of environments with products from different lines.  



Responsible Architects / Office: Márcia Bizzi, Bizzi Arquitetura
Professionals website: www.bizziarquitetura.com.br