Life Is Made Of Colors

Energy and color vibration illustrates the new Tidelli Catalog


Life is made of movement, sounds, and colors! Just like Tidelli!
The brand chose the paradisiacal environment of Massarandupió beach, on the northern coast of Bahia, for a special photoshoot to present its color palette.
The magical atmosphere created by the sound of the sea, solar energy, the breeze, and vibrant and lively tones can be seen in Tidelli’s 2021 Catalog.
On the pages of the work signed by the renowned photographer Reinaldo Giarola, the explosion of colors will show up exuberantly in the brand's classic furniture, making a direct reference to the way the company sees the world, in a joyful and fun way.
Because Tidelli believes that "if it is not fun, it is not sustainable". And Tidelli is all that!



Photograph: Reinaldo Giarola
Art direction
Erika Santos