Instituto Tidelli to be officially launched on April 5th

An organization based in Salvador that develops individuals through training and encouragement by training
them andencouraging them to use their talents and entrepreneurship.


Tidelli is one of the world's leading brands in outdoor furniture. It is also known for its focus on people. In addition to creating more than 490 direct jobs at its factory in Bahia, the company recently founded  the Tidelli Institute. Its goal is to find people's talents, training them for business. Specializing in outdoor living furniture, Tidelli produces pieces using various materials such as wood, aluminum, nautical rope, fabric, marble, and glass. Its main feature is that each piece is handmade by an artist, making everything unique and personal.

Tidelli chose to establish its factory in Fazenda Coutos,  an area with one of the highest poverty rates in the country."Hundreds of people live below the poverty line in the area near the the factory. Even though Tidelli creates jobs, it is difficult to meet the needs of the whole community,"  says Tatiana Mandelli, the brand’s founder. Because of this, the company decided to start the Tidelli Institute. Its goal is to help people in this community and others in the future develop talent and entrepreneurship by teaching skills like manual work using nautical rope weaving and encouraging creativity using other residual materials. She says, "The main goal of the Institute is to teach people how to fish rather than just giving them the fish."

The Tidelli Institute will be officially launched on April 5th, 2023, during an event where Tatiana Mandelli,
Tidelli’s founder and this organization, will be named citizen of the city of Salvador.

Due to the company's rapid expansion in recent years, Tidelli now has an abundance of raw materials. Tatiana, its founder and leader, came up with the name "Spiral of Prosperity" for the way it helps people in need through training, support, and growth opportunities while reusing things that would normally be discarded.  The Institute also seeks volunteer artists to create unique projects and teaches people how to handle this type of material. They are turned into purses, bags, toiletry bags, soup plates, Christmas decorations, and anything else that can be made with creativity.

The institution not only gives people the chance to learn, but it also buys what is produced. This way, the artisans get paid and their work gets more exposure in the market. The Institute is open to working with other groups and organizations, as well as forming partnerships with other brands, because the most important thing is to take this idea further. "We hope that this project will give rise (lead to) to new business owners. Tatiana Mandelli analyzes (discusses) the situation and comes to a conclusion: "The pillar of sustainability is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. This is how the Tidelli Institute guides people, along with (in addition to) helping them grow! Recycle now to make the future better”.

What the Institute does:

  • The development of workshops for: sewing, crafts, marble art, glass recycling, and woodwork.
  • In addition to these opportunities, a franchise agreement was signed with the social organization "POETA," which is supported by the OEA and MICROSOFT to promote digital inclusion by teaching the most needy people basic digital skills for modern life.
  • The Tidelli furniture factory creates an internal volunteer committee to encourage its productive workers to get involved with the Institute and help build a culture of helping others.


Some products in development:

Bags: Made by seamstresses from Associação do Bairro Moradas da Lagoa – AMCHAMOLA and craftspeople from the Community of Fazenda Coutos, using furniture fabrics and scraps of rope.
Christmas Kit: Developed by one of Tidelli's factory employees using nautical rope using crafting technique.
Artist Kit: The project was put together by Carlos Eduardo Guimarães and Pena Cal Galeria with the help of five artists using materials from Tidelli's factory. Environmental care is essential so that everyone can use resources consciously in the present, making sure that future generations have a better life.


Tidelli is in Salvador, Bahia. It is in Moradas da Lagoa neighborhood and has more than 490 direct employees. In 1999, the company worked with the local government to put its factory in the area. Today, Tidelli is a symbol of respect for its employees, most of whom live in the area. In the company, new futures are made possible by good ideas, hard work, and dedication.