Floating trays: the must-have of summer

Summer arrived and brought with it all the brightness of the most vibrant solar season of the year. To withstand the high temperatures, enjoying the pool at home or in the condominium is a great alternative, besides, of course, keeping your hydration up to date.

Complementing the Tidelli furniture lines, produced with high-quality raw materials that make them capable of withstanding any climatic variation, the brand also has intelligent accessories, which make leisure time even more fun.

Among them are the Maui floating trays. The piece became the must-have for those who love design, functionality and, above all, do not want to get out of the water at all.

Available in round and rectangular versions, the tray uses the brand's pool cushion buoyancy technology, resulting in a functional and stable product. Covered with nautical rope, the piece can be customized in more than 55 different colours, in addition to the infinite possibilities of combinations.

Whether for breakfast at the pool, a pool party, a children's snack or a get-together with friends over drinks, the Maui floating tray is the ideal solution for those good times spent outdoors. It's Tidelli showing that smart design can make life more fun. Enjoy outdoor living!

Photography: Reinaldo Giarola