Exclusive design is Tidelli's competitive edge

A 100% Brazilian industry leader, with 100% national products, and innovation is in Tidelli’s DNA! These characteristics have made Tidelli renowned in the market as one of the leading outdoor living companies, bringing the excellence of Brazilian design to the world!

This fact is proven in the collections signed to Tidelli by renowned designers such as Ruy Othake, Alfio Lisi, Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, Manuel Bandeira and Maria Cândida Machado. By adding their talents to the brand, these professionals created iconic pieces, which later became signature products – highly desirable for those who understand the value of design. Respecting the challenge that the creative process represents, the founder of Tidelli (Tatiana Mandelli) and president (Luciano Mandelli) have bet on design as a competitive differential in an increasingly competitive market. Both leaders are responsible for the development of several lines within the brand.


In a world where almost everything is copied, being original takes work. It takes plenty of sweat to develop a piece of furniture with an exclusive design. Some designs take months or even years to get ready for production. From the initial idea to the final result, professionals invest time, carry out research, conduct studies on ergonomics, adequate material, endurance, shapes, colors, functionality, size and (mainly) comfort. Because, yes, when it comes to furniture, comfort is fundamental!  Tidelli pieces are designed like true masterpieces, becoming objects of desire for those who know how to appreciate beauty! Like people, each design is unique and carries affective memories, stories, values, inspiration, dedication and beliefs in its essence – in each detail. Much more than a piece of furniture, Tidelli designs represent life and movement! Everything that Tidelli believes in! 

"People often say: it looks like the Sugar Loaf. That illustrates my creative process, because it is a process where drawing arises. It ends up having the look of my work, because it reflects my history. But it's not a planned thing – it's natural. I don't like to plan to make a certain design, in a negative way. No! I usually say that design has life. It takes shape during creation. And that's interesting. I sometimes lose control. It's hard, it's painful, but it's like giving birth to a child, it hurts. A regular birth hurts, but then it has that pleasure, it's wonderful, it's rewarding."


"Something we always chase, we who design furniture, is that it looks beautiful from the front to the back. And the Sedona collection is wonderful from the back. Another thing that was important in the creation is that I wanted a collection that floated off the floor. For that, we built an aluminum base, which also helps to protect all the fabric upholstery, which is suspended from the floor. The feeling of the collection, especially of the living room line, is that of floating. It is a collection of small proportions, for smaller balconies and more compact places. I'm extremely pleased with the final result of this product."


"Our home is a reflection of what we are, what we believe in, our principles and values. Everything we put into our home has to communicate with what we believe in. It is my work, Tidelli's, the craftsman, the painter, the guy who worked with the aluminum, the one who works with the transportation, the one who takes the chair to the house. To respect an original piece is to respect the work of all those people. I say this because this here is 100% made in Brazil. It is the work of a national company, which was developed here, created here. And this is very important."


"Working with Tidelli was very easy in my manufacturing process, which is almost always starting from the prototype. When I finished the prototype of the Amado armchair, I saw that I had a product with a calling to be made with Tidelli, which adds the handmade parts, colors and joy. I think it's great that Tidelli can do handmade stuff within as big of an industry as this one."

"The Boss chair will always be a chair in which you sit with the right ergonomics. It has a straight angle, which does not allow a change of shape. It has to be straight, otherwise it is not a director's chair. And we ended up solving that with the rope, which ensures it does not slip forward. The Boss chair is the best version of the director's chair for our customers. It's competitive in cost, comfort and makes all the difference in the market."