Filipe Toledo’s beach lifestyle home

Having the opportunity to visit all the best beaches and spots on the planet, the two-time world surf champion Filipe Toledo (2022 and 2023) chose to create his family's own unique beach-inspired outdoor space.



In 2015, Filipe decided to move to the US with his mother, father, and siblings in search of new opportunities and challenges. The chosen location was the city of San Clemente, home to major surfing championships. The beach lifestyle of the city, along with one of the world's most perfect waves, were decisive factors in the family's unanimous decision.

The surfer describes himself as a very family-oriented person. Married to the artist Ananda Marçal and father of Mahina and Koa, he values more than ever the moments when he has everyone around, after all, a good part of his time is spent on the road. His parents and siblings also live in San Clemente and frequently visit his home. Therefore, having a space that combined elegance, comfort, and accommodated everyone well was essential.

The outdoor space of the house is quite large, which made the work even more enjoyable for the Tidelli team in San Clemente, as Tidelli USA CEO Giancarlo Mandelli told us:

"It was a very pleasant surprise not only because of Filipe, whom we are huge fans of, but also because of the area he had, right? A house with a view of the sea, a view of the horizon, where we can see the entire ocean, is a wonderful place and where we can apply everything that Tidelli has to offer. It is a house that connects the inside with the outside very easily, opens everything. And we were able to use all the style and design references that were given to us, based on the architecture we see in Tulum, the coolest places in Tulum, that boho-chic vibe with neutral colors, and we were able to reproduce almost a continuation of the beach using many different sand tones and textures, and it turned out that he comments that it is one of the most comfortable beaches he knows."


The dining room, gourmet space, and lounge with a fire pit were the areas designed for family moments. The children were given a kids' area to draw, have meals, and play. According to Ananda, they loved the mini chair and table, where they spent hours having fun.

Both Ananda and Filipe participated in the choice of furniture. The highlighted colors in the furniture's ropes were Chocolate, Hybrid Latte, and Hybrid Sand. For Filipe, his home turned out exactly as he always dreamed, with colors and textures perfectly combined.

The family, who is already very cheerful, enjoys music and talking, became even more radiant and complete with the renewed house to enjoy with friends and family.

At Tidelli, we value what life has to offer: the connection between people. We believe that each project is unique, just like each family. That's why we are always committed to fulfilling dreams, putting our love into each braid and each piece of furniture so that it can bring more joy and happiness to our clients' lives.

Tidelli is a brand that values connection between people. We strive to fulfill the dreams and projects of each of our clients because we know how important it is for their quality of life.