How to Enjoy Salvador with just enough time to have fun! Beach, dining, and outdoor fun.

, a city where history whispers through cobblestone streets, where the aroma of Bahian spices fills the air, and where the rhythmic beat of Afro-Brazilian drums echoes through vibrant neighborhoods. For the traveler seeking an unforgettable day out, Salvador is a tapestry of experiences waiting to be woven.

The Outdoor Experience program by Tidelli was in Salvador to put together a list of tips for you.

Salvador is Bahia's largest city and one of Brazil's most important cultural hubs. The entire architectural ensemble of this place is worth seeing. It is one of the most important examples of Portuguese overseas urbanism. Due to the richness of its buildings, it is part of UNESCO's historical heritage.

Built on a hill, overlooking a vast bay at a strategic point on the Brazilian coast, it has more central rocky beaches with rugged geography, making them perfect scenes to enjoy the view. For those passing through the city, a refreshing option is to explore some clubs and enjoy the Bahian outdoors.

More than a Club, It’s the Yacht Club of Bahia!

One of the options is the Yacht Club of Bahia, opened in 1935, bathed by the Bay of All Saints. A visit to this exclusive seaside retreat promises an experience, captivating views, and a taste of the elegant nautical lifestyle.

YCB is one of the country's main sports social clubs, achieving national, continental, and world achievements in sports such as Swimming, Sailing, Rowing, Fishing, among other modalities.

To enter, you need to have some connection with the members who transfer their titles from generation to generation. Numerous families have an emotional connection with the club.

The club also offers various services involving leisure, gastronomy, beauty, and wellness itineraries.

Outdoor Options for Everyone

Another option is the Blue Praia Bar, an excellent choice for an outdoor experience. And the best part, no membership is required to enter! It is located on Buracão Beach, in Rio Vermelho.

The goal of the Blue Praia Bar is to provide a cozy space for those who want to socialize and change the concept of urban beaches.

The setting is beautiful with tables on the veranda, seaside lounges, and Balinese beds, combining simplicity and relaxation. Open from Monday to Sunday. It's worth checking the hours, attractions, and the menu with many options for drinks and dishes to taste the best of Bahian cuisine with a contemporary touch.

Frescobol, footvolley, express massage, or a freshwater bath. Choose your activities and relax.

The Flavor of Dendê Oil…

And if there's time, try the traditional acarajé in one of the most famous neighborhoods of the Bahian capital. With intense activity during the day and especially at night, it is in Rio Vermelho that we find the main acarajé stands in Salvador. Acarajé da Dinha and Acarajé da Cira are the most famous. Just stop by and try!

Photos: Eduardo Moody and Marcio Antonio